Want To Buy A Pet Cat? 5 Considerations Before You Make Your Choice


Want To Buy A Pet Cat? Check Out These 5 Crucial Considerations Before You Make Your choice. While having a lovely cat at home may seem like a good thing, there are also some serious downsides you should be aware of. Owning a pet like a cat is not like owning a bag. If you find that you can’t live with the pet you chose, it can be devastating, to say the least.

So here are 5 important things you should consider carefully if you want to buy a cat:

1. Is your home conducive for having a pet cat around?

Want To Buy A Pet Cat?Look around your home and see if it can accommodate a furry friend comfortably. A cat is a living thing and it definitely needs a decent space to live in and move around. Felines need litter boxes, dishes for containing food, playthings and a post for them to do some scratching.
Have children? Then you need to consider where to place the kitty litter-box so that your children can’t get access to it, but at the same time your cat can.

2. One or 2?

Felines can get lonely too. Although they don’t need much attention, unlike dogs, cats do have emotions and can get bored and bad. You may want to get 2 instead of 1 cat or kitten to keep each other company.

3. Are you allergic to cats?

If this is your first time you buying a cat or having one around, you must be careful of allergies. Make sure and your family members aren’t allergic to cats and fur, otherwise life can be miserable for everyone.

4. Should you get a kitten or an older cat?

Another consideration is whether you want to keep a kitten or an older feline. A kitten is an excellent choice for you if you have time to litter box train your new pet. On the other hand, an older cat is a good choice for you if you want a slightly less energetic pet and do not have time to train a cat to use the litter box since most older pet cats have already been trained.

5. Where to buy your new kitty

So you have decided to buy a cat. But where do you buy one? One good place to look is your local humane society or animal rescue centers, which usually have lots of healthy, sweet cats and kittens. Or you may want to visit a cat show for special breeds. Many exhibitors bring along a few kittens that are for sale.

Article by Gary T. Note

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