Fox Proof Rabbit Run: Protection For Pet Rabbits Out in the Open


Fox Proof Rabbit Run: Protection For Pet Rabbits Out in the Open. If you are a pet rabbit owner, then surely you must realize the value of exercise to these cute and quiet critters. Inside cages and hutches, there is little room to move around in, much less exercise. Over time, your pet rabbits can lose muscle strength, as well as become more susceptible to sickness. You could let them loose in your house once in a while, but they do not always get along well with other animals in the home, if you have them. The best solution is to get a fox proof rabbit run.

Fox Proof Rabbit RunRabbit runs are large covered pens designed to be used outdoors. They have walls and roofs, but no floors, so that the ground itself becomes a natural floor upon which the rabbits can have their fun. They provide good security in keeping the rabbits in, but what about keeping predators out? Rabbits, especially domesticated ones, are not exactly good at escaping or fighting off predators. This is where a fox proof rabbit run comes to the fore.

Foxes are the rabbits’ natural predators. They are agile and quite wily. As a pet owner you want to protect your pet rabbits from these dangerous hunters. A fox proof rabbit run is built to withstand the persistence and relative strength of foxes, so you rabbits stay safe and unharmed. These units are heavier and use a stronger type of mesh for the walls, so that the foxes can neither chew open holes or lift the sides and take advantage of the open bottom.

In a rabbit run, you can have more than one rabbit, which is good if you keep several rabbits. Rabbits are also quite social, and they do like being around others of their species. What you do need to watch out for is putting males and females in the same run. The reputation of rabbits as quick reproducers is well-founded, and you might have an unexpected litter if you aren’t careful. Just keep the males and females apart, and you should not have to worry about that.

Rabbit runs are quite large, and given their special design, really are meant for use outdoors. They are not meant to serve as long-term shelter though, and they provide little protection against the elements. These runs are designed to be used during play time for your pets, and are made to be disassembled for compact storage. For long-term housing for rabbits, hutches and cages are your choices.

Cages are generally the smallest and simplest in construction. All of the sides are open though, so your rabbit may feel cold if it is kept in a cage outdoors. Cages are better suited for indoor use. Most cages only accommodate one rabbit.

Hutches feature more solid panels, having only one or two sides open for ventilation, and can be used outdoors. Many hutches also feature enclosed areas where the rabbit can retreat and hide away from light and heat. For large rabbits or multiple individuals, large rabbit hutches can be an economical choice.

Article by William F. Gabriel. William F. Gabriel is a Senior Marketing Manager on kitchen improvements. Through his articles, he gives practical tips on choosing the fox proof rabbit run and large rabbit hutches for your pet.

Fox Proof Rabbit Run

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