Pet Care Insurance- Show You Care


Pet Care Insurance- Show You Care

Article by B. Wyse

Pet Care Insurance is often neglected by nearly all pet owners. The majority of us believe in insurance for our households and vehicles, so why not our pets! In this article we’ll examine (1) two key reasons concerning why many pet owners stay away from purchasing pet care insurance and (2) discuss what things you should consider before buying insurance for your pet.

Pet Care Insurance is for many pet owners an expense that is often put on the proverbial “back burner” and then sadly forgotten about until it is simply too late. Most people would agree that it is very sensible to possess sufficient automobile insurance prior to an accident or have sufficient home insurance coverage prior to a fire, yet ask a pet owner about pet care insurance and in most cases “they haven’t really thought about it or haven’t yet got around to it”.

This may seem very astonishing to hear since most pet owners do love their pets, care for them in other ways, and customarily think of the pet as part of the family. So why this reluctance on the part of pet owners to put money into some form of insurance for their precious pet?

One reason might simply be a lack of awareness with respect to the cost of having a sick or hurt pet treated by a veterinarian. It’s not unusual to discover that medical costs for treating a dog having a busted leg may reach as high as 00 and for a cat with a busted leg around the 0 mark. Naturally one can expect these expenses to vary depending upon where in the world you live and the availability of veterinarian services. There may even be fluctuations inside the same geographic area based upon if you reside in a rural area with only a handful of veterinary clinics, or in large urban setting where you have more selection, more competition and thus lower prices. Then you will discover the hidden expenditure like kenneling of an injured pet while in the recuperation stage following an operation and the costs of post-recovery medicine such as antibiotics and pain-killers which adds more on to the total cost of the treatment.

A second rationale why many pet owners might avoid getting pet care insurance stems from the naive belief that “it won’t happen to me”. True you’ll find many animals that live an extended and vigorous life while rarely seeing the inside of a veterinary clinic apart from their yearly checkup and shots. Regrettably recent data show that 65% of pet owners are making unplanned visits to their local veterinary clinic and are coming away in shock and disbelief at the size of bill following treatment.

Either one of the above reasons can be used to build a strong case for caring pet owners to seriously reflect on buying pet care insurance. As with most forms of insurance, it might appear pricey and not required in the beginning, especially if your pet is young and in good physical condition. This must be cautiously measured against the other scenario of having to pay vet bills at full price in a situation where numerous visits are required should your pet become badly hurt or ill.

Making the decision to spend money on pet care insurance is certainly a proactive step in the correct direction, however this does open the door for more inquiries. Recent years have seen a sharp rise in the numbers of insurance companies expanding into this pet insurance market together with more choice in the type of insurance for pets. Today’s pet owner needs to consider a large range of factors before deciding on a specific pet insurance policy.

One standard consideration that appears to be essential in most pet care insurance policies is the age, health and type of the animal. The very first thing that ought to “jump out” at you is the need to consider buying insurance for your pet when they are young and healthy if you want to get the very best deal with your money. Added insurance factors would include:

higher costs to insurance a pure-bred in comparison to a mixed-breed some types of animals such as canines are commonly cheaper to insure than cats more exotic pets may require more specialized treatment and thus higher costs to insure.

Most pet care insurance companies offer a range of insurance plans to cater to their buyers requirements. Often the “all-inclusive” plans are most popular as they are usually more adaptable and some may even reimburse unexpected costs associated with the pet becoming sick or injured unexpectedly including your hotel bill if you are forced to stay away from home having driven a great distance to bring your pet to the veterinary clinic.

Lots of pet insurance plans have some type of liability protection where the pet owner will be insured if ever the animal hurts another individual or causes damage to personal property. Some pet insurance companies even include special policies for pets whenever they stray or get stolen. Pet owners might be reimbursed for the money they spent on advertising for the lost animal and will also recover a portion of the pet’s original price if it isn’t found.

In the end, the onus is on you, the pet owner, to make sure that you not only comprehend the terms of the policy, but also are aware of what’s not covered to avoid any nasty surprises later on.

Pet care insurance shouldn’t be taken for granted. Given the financial and “piece of mind” benefits, pet owners should not think twice about buying insurance for their beloved household friend. As with any other type of insurance, it pays to search around for pet care insurance, and this has never been less difficult than at the present. Many highly regarded pet care insurance carriers advertise over the world wide web these days so it is simply a matter of spending time in front of your computer to find out what is obtainable and obtain the top value with your money.

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