Your 3 Step Plan To Start Your In Home Pet Care Business


Your 3 Step Plan To Start Your In Home Pet Care Business

Article by DA Southern

In these tough economic times, you would think that Fluffy, Fido and Swimey…you know, your little fish…would be not so well taken care of, right? Oh, so wrong. In fact, trends have it that in spite of tough times, our furry friends are even more pampered than ever. This goes to the very nature of an In-Home Pet Care Business.

If most are anything like me when it comes to their pets, the last thing they want is for that pet to be housed in a cage for whatever the duration of your time away is. In fact, I have found many vet clinics are becoming more like a day care for your pets where they actually have the pets out of the cage during their time there. Those are not as plentiful as one might think, hence the In-Home Pet Care Business.

But business being what it is there are some basics that you have to have to enter such a field, save for your love of animals. Hopefully, that is a given.

First and foremost, you must know the mindset of your potential client. I put this first because that will assist you in the other elements of setting up your Pet Care business. Knowing your client will help you to better care for their Pet. To do this, take a trip to a Dog Park or even a Dog show, and watch how people are around their Pets. It will amaze you all that you probably didn’t know.

Second, begin to set up your business. Set up a basic office setup, more than likely from home at the beginning. Establish a Marketing Plan to get the word out about who you are and what you will do for the client and their owners. A rough estimate of fees, which may require some study of other similar businesses. Always take into account your area and what the market will bear. As you get more and more clients, the “Business” aspect will grow, so be prepared to hire when needed and don’t fall into a “I can do it all my self” trap.

Third, start getting interviews for clients. Go everywhere and talk to anyone who will listen with an “Elevator Speech” about your Business. An “Elevator Speech” is that quick summary of your business that is direct and to the point that you could tell someone while riding in an elevator, even though no one likes to talk and just looks straight ahead.

Those are the basics, and yes, very simplified. Do your homework about your clients, the pets. Get your basic office set up with the standard office needs, set a marketing plan and then go out and do it.

Action begets action and your In-Home Pet Care Business is yours to behold. Most of all, have fun with it. It is your love of animals that brought you here, so enjoy.

About the Author

DA Southern is not a Doctor and doesn’t even play one on TV, but has had a long obsession with pets and their care as a result of many years working with various Animal Rescue Organizations. Visit him at his blog and get involved with the Pet Care Newsletter.

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