Society Finches Make The Best Pest – Why?


Why society finches make the best pet birds. The Bengalese or society finches as they’re more commonly known are birds that make one of the best pets. As a matter of fact, they have never existed in the wild. Without that wild component, they make great pets for people of all ages and it’s mostly for their color that many people choose them.

As an added bonus, these pet birds are also eager to sing even without being taken out of their cage. If you take their antics into consideration, you’ll no doubt be able to determine which variety of finch you want.

These adorable finches are also relatively easy birds to maintain. Another great quality they have is that they’re hardy which means that they’ll do nicely under your care. They only need a little space and if you get the right cage, they will be perfectly happy.

Pet Birds

Pet Birds - Society FinchesThese pet birds are very active so you need to get a cage where they have enough room to spread their wings and fly. They can also hop about a lot and flit from one spot of the cage to another. Meanwhile, they make soothing chirping sounds that make them all the more lovable.

You have to remember though that even if these society finches are highly domesticated birds, they don’t really like to be handled. Keeping them in as a pair in their cages is good enough. If you have a bigger aviary, you can keep this variety of birds with other species. Just make sure that you don’t put big birds in the aviary with them.

With regard to what to feed these birds, their diet is composed of a mix of canary seed and millet seed. You can also mix linseed, de-husked oats and lettuce in their diet. You can provide your society finches with vitamins in the form of a soft bread mix.

On the side of grooming your society finches, these birds particularly like to take baths. You can buy a small bird bath that can fit through the door of your finch cage. Fill this up with lukewarm water and put it in the cage. If your bird wants to take a bath, it will go at it on its own. Putting the bird bath in the cage two times a week would be good enough.

On a deeper note for grooming, you have to clip their nails. You can use regular fingernail clippers for this. Just be careful with clipping and don’t snip the vein inside the nail.

Although they are seldom struck by sickness, yeast infection, coccidiosis, liver disease, bacterial infections, and atoxoplasmosis are just some of the conditions you have to look out for. With pet birds like society finches, their care will be a breeze.

When you do things right, your society finches can keep you company for a long time and you will have everything you longed for in a pet bird – beauty, fun and excitement. But remember that if you’re keeping other pets like cats, your pet birds should only be given supervised freedom.

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