Dog Boarding Kennels – Why send your Pet There


Why send your Pet to Dog Boarding Kennels. We are a country that loves its pets. Every year we spend close to billion on pet products and services. The second fastest growing segment in retail after consumer electronics is pet products (growing at 6%), demonstrating the extent of care and attention we pay to our pets. Dogs and cats are patronized by millions of households all over the country. But pets are no longer just a child’s playmate but a companion of many single adults. If you are a single adult, your pet would have to spend long stretches of time alone in the house while you go out to work. Dogs hate staying unaccompanied for long intervals. They display destructive behavior and can get depressed. In such cases keeping your pet in dog boarding kennels would be the best option for your animal.

Dog Boarding KennelsSome dog breeds are more appreciative of human and animal interaction. Such gregarious breeds do not thrive well if left alone in the home while you work and commute for 10 hours a day. Hiring a sitter can be an option but if you are looking for a professional to exercise your dog and spend designated play sessions with it, admitting your pet to dog boarding kennels would be an ideal way for your animal to get ample exercise, good diet, brushing and emergency care. With supervised play, your pet would stay fit and remain mentally agile.

Before your animal is accepted in dog boarding kennels, you might have to get it checked at a vet to make sure it is free from parasites or any serious health risk and dewormed. Animals can catch contagious diseases at dog boarding kennels, so your local facility might request you get your animal checked before admission. With a clean bill of health, your animal can be no threat to others. A dog should be lean and get plenty of exercise to remain healthy. A common disease among modern animals is obesity and diabetes. An estimated 40% of pets are overweight or obese. Overfeeding your dog and not encouraging it to exercise contributes to the development of these lifestyle diseases. At kennels professionals would ensure your animal gets the proper exercise and stimulation to remain alert and maintain a proper body weight. Now you can spend your day at the office or doing errands with less guilt by keeping your pet in the safe custody of dog boarding kennels. Crofton residents can find high quality services at local facilities.

Article by Melinamenny. Dog boarding kennels Crofton – If you are looking for dog boarding kennels, Crofton pet owners can find all their pets’ needs met under one roof at Gambrills Veterinary Center.

Dog Boarding Kennels – Why send your Pet There

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