Why Pets Deserve the Best Pet Care in Wesley Chapel, Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Tampa 33613


Why Pets Deserve the Best Pet Care in Wesley Chapel, Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Tampa 33613

According to a survey done by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association in 2008, some 63 percent of households in the United States have pets. This includes a lot of households in Wesley Chapel, Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Tampa 33613. This also includes various types of pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds and fish. There are many reasons why people love pets. These are the same reasons why all pets deserve the best pet care at home and the best veterinary care available from veterinarians in an animal clinic or animal hospital.

Everyone who has had a pet has experienced the unconditional affection that a pet gives its owner and likewise elicits from its owner. Aside from this, pets have been known to act as teachers, helpers, healers and therapists to people.

It is always said that giving a child a pet to care for will give the child a sense of responsibility. Much more than this, though, the child learns about unconditional love, empathy, loyalty, sharing and nurturing. This leads to the child learning how to care for other people, as well. Kindness to animals is eventually translated to kindness to other people. Caring for a pet naturally gives way to such learning which is crucial to the development of the child’s personality. The pet has, therefore, become the child’s teacher.


Pets have also long been used as helpers, especially for people with disabilities. Dogs, particularly, can be specially trained to assist the blind and the hearing impaired, acting as their eyes, ears and even hands. The dogs help people with disabilities do everyday tasks and functions they would not be able to do by themselves. Often, these dogs even save lives by immediately detecting changes in the body language, behavior or even odor of their human partners and promptly doing what they have been trained to do to get to safety or call for help. In fact, dogs that perform such functions are no longer classified as pets because they are so much more than pets.

Pets are also natural healers and therapists. When people care for pets and walk them, groom them and pet them everyday, the physical activity do the owners good, improving their heart condition, boosting their blood circulation and decreasing the rate of bone tissue loss. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are lowered. Studies have actually shown how patients who have had cardiac arrest have better chances of survival if they are caring for a dog. Stress and depression as well as loneliness and feelings of isolation are alleviated and the patients become more relaxed and happier with renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. This results in better overall physical and mental health.

With all the joy, love and other benefits pets provide their owners, these pets only crave their owner’s company and affection in return. More than that, though, we should be responsible for their well being, too, and give them the right food, shelter and holistic pet care.

All pets in Wesley Chapel, Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Tampa 33613 – including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds and fish – truly deserve not only tender loving pet care at home but also the best veterinary clinic with veterinarians who are both compassionate and highly competent in providing preventive health care, routine medical check ups and even emergency treatment. One example would be Long Lake Animal Hospital which also provides laboratory analysis, medical diagnostics and surgical procedures including laser surgery, as well as pet boarding, pet grooming and pet supplies. Make sure your pets get all the pet care and nurturing they deserve.

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