What You Need to Know Before Choosing Finches as Pets


What You Need to Know Before Choosing Finches as Pets

Article by Michael Stanford

Caring for finches as pets is very rewarding. These birds are both charming and lovable. Take note that it’s better to buy domesticated birds than their wild counterparts because wild birds may have diseases and they won’t be able long survive in captivity.

Zebra and society finches as pets

The best choice for domesticated finches are zebra finches and society finches. They don’t need that much and they are easier to care for compared to other breeds. However, it’s best to keep them with their own breed, especially when keeping finches as pets. Don’t pair them with other breeds if you want them to achieve a harmonious living environment.

Zebra finches could withstand different climates and temperature changes. However, owners should still keep them in a balanced environment, something that’s not too cold, too hot or too humid.

When caring for finches as pets, place their cage in a safe environment. Don’t hang cages or build an aviary in a locale where predators could easily reach them. Cats, for example, have to be trained to stay away from the cage. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your birds safe from any danger.

How to take care of finches as pets

Taking care of society finches is simple because they’re naturally friendly. However, such a friendly nature could cause you problems in the future. In case you want them to mate or breed, then you should only keep two pairs to avoid distractions. These finches have a tendency to stick together and become excessively friendly, causing them to forget their eggs. It is recommended to give them enough flying space as well. More importantly, you should keep their cage clean and give them fresh water. Children really love keeping finches as pets because they love watching the birds play with water.

Gouldian finches as pets

Gouldian finch is a rare breed of finches that originated from Australia. They’re delicate and they need more attention compared to other breeds. Keeping gouldian finches as pets isn’t advisable for beginners, especially because they need a specific diet for them to survive. Even though they’re delicate, the Gouldian is one of the most striking and beautiful breed.

As an owner, you should keep in mind that Gouldian finches are more difficult to breed and care for. If you don’t have that much time to care for them, then it’s recommended that you choose a different breed. However, if you have the passion to take care of them, then why not?

Your best bet is to get finches as pets in pairs, never buy just one bird because they’ll live better when they have company. Just be sure to provide them with enough space to fly. Once they lay eggs, they might have eight or more chicks. Therefore, you must be prepared to provide them with a different cage or a larger space. In case you can’t take care of them anymore, you should find some who can.

In general, it’s not that hard to keep finches as pets. Most of them don’t need a lot of attention. Give them food and a clean shelter and they’ll be okay. Certain varieties don’t need a lot of holding and isn’t very dependent on interacting with humans but they could still give you that feeling of getting rewarded.

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