Water Turtle Pet – More Than Just A Marine Animal


Water Turtle Pet – More Than Just A Marine Animal

Marine or water turtles have survived for such as long time already, which is why these creatures are often employed as pets. Actually, turtles had been particularly available among pet raisers or breeders and are widely available in pet stores. A water turtle pet can be classified as common or uncommon and are either marine or semi-marine turtles. This would mean that you can easily raise and have this animal as a pet.

The ocean or a body of water is the natural environment of marine turtles where they wade and swim. They can also thrive in common bodies of water such as lakes, streams or ponds. A water turtle pet has functional webbed feet that assist them in paddling or swimming. Alternatively, semi-marine varieties are seen in marshy and swampy regions. Water turtles are particularly slow-moving, patient, composed and placid creatures. They conceal their head within the shell upon encountering threat.

The water turtle pet has different species and types. They can be found in various pet stores and are preferred by lots of breeders and pet raisers. Among them are African side-necked sea turtle which have a pug nose as well as a physically upturned smile that definitely adds to their delightful look. African mud turtle is another term for the African side neck. It has 15 sub-species ?rican helmeted sea turtle is one. These species are prolific breeders they are also aggressive, curious, initially shy, resilient and adaptive.

The red-eared slider species of the water turtle pet is also a popular pet turtle and are taken by most turtle enthusiasts. That is because they are moderately tame especially in confinement. They are generally hushed and hardy within a natural habitation. Red-eared sliders are significantly identified through their distinctly physical characteristic – their red ears. You will see them in thousands because of the fact that they are fertile species. They have pastel and albino color morphs.

Another exceptional water turtle pet is the painted turtle that is common in some parts of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Of the most common marine turtles, painted turtles are extremely likable. They are considered as very beautiful species of turtles. Their sub-species include the Western, Midland, Southern and the Eastern varieties of painted turtles. While young ones are generally carnivorous, mature ones are typically herbivorous. Equally, there are uncommon water turtle pet species such as pig-nosed turtle and the snapping turtle.

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