Locum Vet – A Career as a Pet Care Vet Technician


Considering a Career in Pet Care as a Locum Vet or Vet Technician? Animals sometimes can be our best friends, they never ask for anything and they provide us unconditional love.  For this reason alone we need to ensure they have the best care they can receive and remain healthy.  In order to maintain their health like people, you need to give them an annual checkup.  When they need these services we have veterinarians located all around so you can schedule an appointment and have your animal seen.

So, how does one break into the veterinarian field and find a veterinary job and perform pet care once they have completed their education and training?

If you were interested in working temporarily or “Locum” which means the same then there are websites available that have job announcements providing various positions for veterinarians in multiple locations for short term or permanent employment.  Similar to a “Recruitment Agency” for a job it works the same way except this is strictly for pet care and services.

Locum Vet TechnicianSome of the positions are looking for temporary veterinary surgeons for 8 weeks or 10 months as if you are filling a position for someone on maternity leave or filling a position for coverage while a staff member will be off for a period of time.

Locum Vet Jobs

Some of the Locum Veterinary Jobs come with lodging and transportation. In fact, the Veterinary Recruitment Agency suggests that you have this all worked out prior to accepting the position. Sometimes this may be the best way to gain some of your experience. As you build your confidence and professional expertise you may be able to specialize in your area of interest.  As you gain experience and skills, you would be in a better position to apply for a permanent position in a pet care veterinary clinic.

Veterinary clinics are looking for coverage when their staff is short, on holiday, or sick for any length of time.  When you have a business to run and clients and animals to see then you need to properly staff your clinic. Temporary positions as a veterinary locum can be a highly satisfying and career move. For further details on how to become a veterinary locum in the UK please contact us through our web site.

Alpha Impact is a Veterinary Recruitment and Advertising Agency based in the UK. We specialize in the Recruitment of a Locum Vet and permanent Vets and Veterinary Nurses. For further information please visit our web site or contact us via E-mail: Locums@alphaimpact.com


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