Updates on Pet Care (For Pet Owners in Wesley Chapel Who Do Care)


Updates on Pet Care (For Pet Owners in Wesley Chapel Who Do Care)

Article by Chris Lontok

A pet is an animal kept for companionship. Mostly to a person’s enjoyment, an animal becomes when it is kept in the household. As opposed to wild animals, or to livestock, laboratory, and working animals, which are kept for economic and/or productive purposes, a pet is maintained as it is an object of amusement to its owner.

Most pets are the ones that are primarily attractive. Some people, however, choose animals which have “talent”, peculiar or weird properties, as pets over the conventional, good-looking ones. Others are taken as pet due to believed loyalty, or playful characteristics.

According to new discoveries, pets also help in providing several health benefits to its owner. Several of these include relief from stress which affects a portion of the population. For this property that pets may bring to the owner, experts are now training “therapy animals” which are brought to visit confined humans. Basically, just walking your dog around a clean, tree-inhabited environment helps not only in providing fresh air, social interaction, and leisure time, but also physical fitness via running and/or walking.

The most popular kinds of pets include dog and cats, but there is also a sizeable number of pet rodents such as hamsters, fancy rats, and guinea pigs, as well as well as avian pets like canaries, parakeets, or parrots.

Three of the countries with the most number of households with pets are the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Mostly, pets are of the domesticated type. When an animal is domesticated, it has consistently been kept in captivity over a long enough period of time. This brings about marked differences in behaviour and appearance in comparison with the wild types.

In the present, many pet-seekers look for exotic types — mostly the ones that are rare to find or especially distinct. There are now demands for such kinds of animals such as anteaters, civets, deer (reindeer and leaf muntjacs), marsupials (oppossums, koalas, wallabys, and wombats), primates (lemurs, macaques, marmosets, tamarins, slow lorises, and tarsiers), spotted hyenas, tapirs, and sloths. Even the feared and otherwise loathed beasts like crocodiles and snakes are now kept as pets as a status symbol.

Several ecologists and animal rights advocates are now lobbying for reinforced restriction, if not bans, on the animal trade as they are said to violate the very rights of these creatures while causing imbalance in the ecological system. Based on reports, several species are driven to the brink of extinction due to the sudden upsurge in the demand for pets.

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