Iguana Health Care and Understanding


Understanding Iguana Health Care

In trying to discover the proper iguana health care it is essential to understand that in large part, the iguana’s health is completely dependant upon the environment that they are in as well as the nutrition that is available to them. This is the also true of the iguana that is kept in captivity, as it is highly imperative that it has a proper and adequate habitat and this fact alone can play a monumental role in the iguana health care. Lets take a look at the various factors that can play an important part of the health of this fantastic creature.

Compromising Iguana Health Care

Iguana Health CareThere is a pivotal part of feeding the iguana because there are some foods that include toxic chemicals for an iguana and can cause serious harm. One of those foods is spinach because they do cause acids that can be potentially harmful to an iguana as well as brussel sprouts because they are infamous for carrying salmonella. Some other food things that are potentially dangerous to an iguana health care regime are things such as swiss chard, cauliflower and beets as these can also contain mild traces of acids and toxins that can harm the iguana.

Another pivotal part of keeping a good iguana health care regime is that iguanas that are held in captivity do not get the required amount of sunlight which is how they absorb vitamin C as well as other nutrients and in that manner, it is highly important that the pet iguana receives vitamin as well as calcium supplements at least two times a week as well as supplying the iguana with the essential UV lighting as this is one aspect that an iguana cannot thrive or survive without.

Iguanas In Captivity

For a final few statements regarding the iguana health care, it is equally as important that the habitat it lives in is clean and well kept. Often new iguana users will line the cage with substances such as wood chips or lizard litter and although one is made to believe that this is the appropriate kind of litter for an iguana, it is not! It is wise to use something that can be easily thrown out and that the iguana will not ingest as this can cause serious health problems. Some kind of butcher wrap that can be easily thrown out and replaced that the iguana will not ingest is ultimately the best kind of cage litter.

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Iguana Health Care and Understanding

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