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Ultimate Pet Websites – How to Make Your Ultimate Dog Training Website Attract New Clients. The pet industry today is a billion dollar industry, and many dog owners are looking for trainers. As the competition is quite fierce, it’s important for a dog trainer to have a professional site with user friendly features. The goal of the website should be to attract new clientele for your pet training business; therefore, a professionally designed website is the way to go. The staff at Ultimate Pet Websites has expertise in the area of designing websites for pet related businesses. Learn what they can do for you and your dog training business!

What’s Involved in Building an Effective Website?

Ultimate Dog Training Website - Ultimate Pet Website DesignWebsite content needs to be carefully edited and organized in a way that customers can go to your site and quickly navigate to information they need. Site menus should be included on every page, linking back to the home page. A dog training website’s home page should include a mission statement about the business. State why you have a dog training business and what a customer can expect to happen when their dog completes the training program.

The home page should have links to other important areas of the site, such as About Us, Contact Us, Services and Fees, Customer Testimonials, Newsletter, Calendar of Events, etc. A newsletter is an effective element for any dog training website. The newsletter should include information about current activities, success stories, and more. Blogs are another great way to relay this sort of information.

Promotions are a great way to get new customers and keep old customers returning for any future training needs. Dog lovers often adopt more dogs, and thus, will need more services down the road. Offer coupons and specials from time to time on your site as a great customer incentive. If your dog training business sells training videos, books, harnesses, or other training materials, a shopping area should be included on your site, with a link for credit card and/or PayPal payments

Pictures are always a welcome additional to a site, but keep them at a minimum, allowing web pages to load quickly. Videos of dog training exercises are another good idea for your dog training site. Show dogs in the training process to give customers a feel of the techniques used in your training regimen.

What can Ultimate Pet Websites Provide?

While you can design a simple site using a template, remember the dog training business is highly competitive. Give your business the leading edge with a professionally designed website. Ultimate Pet Websites provides:

Unlimited bandwidth and storage

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Weekly backups
  • Security updates
  • Software updates
  • Tech/customer support
  • SEO knowledge, making your site more visible in search engines
  • Cosmetic updates
  • Packages Available

With Ultimate Pet Websites, you can choose a website package that suits the needs of your business. Packages offered include:

The Basic Package, for just 9, which includes 9 pages, a photo gallery and up to 5 e-mail addresses. The Standard Package for 9 per year, with 9 pages, 25 sub-pages, a rotating photo gallery, calendar/event system, PayPal donation system, newsletter, 10 e-mail addresses, two custom forms and a static photo gallery.Ultimate Pet Websites also has an E-commerce Lite package, Ultimate Site package, and The Last Site you Will Ever Need package. These packages include many more features, such as an online store, blogs, audio, video, slideshows, event registration, custom logo, animation, directory system, and so much more.

Article by Jennifer Obodo. The Ultimate Pet Websites is the company which will assist in making the best designed web site for your pet sitting service. With various packages providing service to any company or budget, the Ultimate Pet Websites is the best for making your business website a success.


Ultimate Dog Training Website

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