Turtle Pets – Fun Exercises For Their Good Health!


Turtle Pets – Fun Exercises For Their Good Health!

Turtle pets are very popular today, and becoming the new owner of a turtle can be highly satisfying and fulfilling. While some people might feel that turtles are difficult and costly to keep, there are certainly testimonials to the contrary.

In fact, turtle pet keeping has become a very popular hobby, leading to more and more information being gathered by experts and pet owners alike. More theories have been clarified, and myths busted, as these fascinating reptiles are attracting people due to their interesting characters.

Turtles are among the first species in the animal kingdom to appear on our planet. They can have an astonishing lifespan– some of them can live more than a hundred years if they are well-cared for and well-protected. We can even expect our turtle pets to be handed down or inherited from one member of the family to another.

Choosing a name for your pet turtle is one of the fun activities of turtle ownership. Turtles can have such a long lifespan that they can even be expected to outlive their owners. Due to their longevity, you should be sure to give your turtle a name that will suit its personality and reveal your close relationship with it.

Upon initial ownership of your new turtle, do not expect it to immediately be comfortable with you. Give it between three days to an entire week to grow accustomed to its environment and become familiar with your presence. One sure way to do this is to feed it at the same enclosure and at the same time every day. This practice will create a routine for your turtle, and it will gradually understand that you will come to feed it on a daily basis and at a particular spot in its enclosure. Be calm and quiet when you approach it, so as not to scare or alarm your turtle.

Some turtle pets love to play with seashells. They like to flip the shells and press them with their claws, in order to slide them across the floor. You can also spend quality time with your turtle by walking it outside! Your turtle will enjoy this freedom and benefit from it as well, because this will serve as an excellent form of exercise.

If you house your turtle pets in tanks or aquariums, you may also put small fish or broken pieces of cuttlebones floating in the water. Turtles love to hunt, and enjoy swimming and chasing after these. It is another form of fun and exercise for your turtle!

Another plus factor is that they can get ample doses of calcium when they ingest the cuttlebones. Small, live fish should only be placed once a week to avoid the risk of obesity among the turtles, as this condition is very much common in their species.

It is also a good idea to build or set up a toy raft in the turtle’s housing, so they can enjoy playing even when you are not around.  Avoid handling your pet turtle too often, because it may become stressed out. When you do handle your turtle, be sure to wash your hands prior to picking it up, and hold it carefully so as not to cause it discomfort.

Turtle pets are an excellent addition to your household. With proper care, handling, and protection, you are sure to spend years of enjoyment together!


Karma Williams is a pet turtle care enthusiast who has raised turtles for over 23 years, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby.  You can discover more about turtles by visiting the turtle pets  and turtle name   pages of her website. Get your free 10 part Pet Turtle Care mini couse, valued at , by visiting her www.PetTurtleCenter.com website and requesting it.  Her newest eBook entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Pet Turtle Care” teaches turtle lovers everything they need to know about acquiring, caring for, and feeding pet turtles so that they stay healthy, contented, and will thrive fo years and years to come!

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