Top Five Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter.


Top Five Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter.

Article by Marie Marshall

Cleaner House:No more accidents in the house. A large portion of my customer base asks for mid-day breaks for their dogs. Clients working long days want to make sure their dog gets a bathroom break during the day. A lot of them simply don’t have time to walk them before or after work. Older dogs and puppies need to go out every few hours and can’t wait eight or more hours for their owners to get home. People often need to run errands before or after work so the wait could even be longer. Nobody wants to come home from work and have to cleanup a puddle or mess because the dog just couldn’t wait. This is my number one request for visits.

Less Stress:You and your pets will be less stressed out, whether you are away for a night or two, or on an extended vacation. Your pets stay at home and feel more secure in their own environment surrounded by familiar sights and sounds. Your pet gets to sleep in his / her favorite spot and play with his / her favorite toys. When I go away and can’t bring my pets with me I always hire a pet sitter. I am more relaxed on vacation knowing my dog is at home sleeping in his chair with his squeaky toy and the cat is on the back of the sofa looking out the window.

Avoid The Kennel:Many dog owners have serious concerns about kennels. Before your dog goes into a kennel you need to bring the dog to a veterinarian for some shots adding to the expense and inconvenience. Before I started pet sitting, my dad brought his dog to a kennel for a few days. When he got the dog home he found he (the dog, not my father) was infested with fleas. Who knows what illnesses the dog could have been exposed to? There is no way to know if your dog is locked in a cage neglected during his entire kennel stay.

Security:At your request, lights are turned on and off on a rotating basis, drapes/blinds opened/closed, plants watered, trash put out for pick-up. Newspaper and mail will also be brought in to give your house a “lived in” look while you are away. A good pet sitter will do just about anything you ask.

Professional Personalized Care:Your pet would receive quality care in accordance with your instructions as well as personal attention to their own individual needs. The sitter can give your pet medication if needed. They will play ball or tug of war with your dog, or brush your cat if that’s what you arranged.

About the Author

Marie Marshall is a professional pet sitter who has been running a successful pet sitting service since 2002 and decided to write about her experiences.

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