Top Dog Insurance – The 3 Crucial Stages To Discovering The Best Dog Insurance


Top Dog Insurance – The 3 Crucial Stages To Discovering The Best Dog Insurance

You have decided to insure your puppy and I am about to help you to select the top dog insurance. The following article will conduct you through the crucial 3 stage method for choosing the best dog insurance.
So, first of all, well done for deciding to insure your dog. More and more owners are choosing to insure their dogs from the outset rather than risking an unsure future for their dogs, with the possibility of a sickness or injury which could be unaffordable and result in their dog having to be put down. Try telling that to your child.

You may be thinking, so why don’t you just tell us what the best dog insurance policy is! I honestly wish that I could and that it were that simple. You must do your own research which will result in the top dog insurance policy for your circumstances and your dog’s peculiarities.

There is a three stage process for selecting your dog’s insurance plan. Research, Comparison, and Selection.

Top Dog Insurance Research.
Probably the easiest way to research companies is on the internet. Here you can find details of policies, prices, and exclusions. Don’t ignore other sources of information such as fellow dog owners, veterinarians, and kennels who could also be valuable sources of information. You will need to carry out a careful study of the current policies available. Try to be as exact as possible in your search in order to narrow down the search of all the plans available. Research details of deductibles, coverage, exclusions, details specific to your dog’s breed, age and any existing or anticipated health problems, say from the lineage of the dog.

Best Dog Insurance Comparison.
Now that you have a shortlist of possible insurers,(at least three is best), the next stage is to compare them side by side. Be determined not to compare on cost alone. Each will have advantages and disadvantages. Do they all cover the same illnesses, injuries, services (diagnostics, surgery, hospitalisation) ? Are there any exclusions? Does the policy cover cancer? Is your dog too old? Is your breed covered and if so, is it particularly well covered? Does the insurance offer pet insurance lifetime cover? Does the policy allow for your own choice of veterinarian? Does it cover wellness care? Not all of these considerations will have equal significance for your circumstances. Some may add cost and you may decide not to include them but they should all be considered in the comparison stage.

Top Dog Insurance Selection.
Now you will have the data to enable you to make your selection. Hopefully, one will stand out as the best dog insurance plan to meet your criteria. If cost is a deciding factor then you can play off the insurance companies against each other in order to get the best price. Otherwise, stick to what is best for you and your dog.

Once again, I congratulate you on deciding to ensure your dog has a healthy future, and I wish you all the best for selecting the top dog insurance.

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