Top 3 Pet Business Ideas


Top 3 Pet Business Ideas

Article by Natalia Harrison

Pet parents are as serious about their fur-babies as they are about their human children, and because of that the pet care industry is a booming business opportunity for the right person. Now what type of services are pet parents looking for? Lets talk about the top three pet business opportunities in the pet care industry!

1. Doggy Daycare: Although most pets are left home unattended while their owners go to work, there will always be the need for pet sitters. Puppy owners who are still in the house breaking phase are often reluctant to leave their new pup alone for long periods of time as this isn’t conducive to proper training. A pet sitter with a background in training has an excellent niche service to offer to new first time pet owners.

Overnight pet care is also a great start up business idea. One of the biggest challenges for working professionals who own pets is balancing the demands of their careers with the love they have for their pets. This demographic is prone to working long exhausting hours coupled with sporadic business trips. Marketing overnight pet care to this group is strongly recommended.

2. Mobile/In-Home pet grooming services: Mobile pet spas provide a level of comfort and exclusiveness that are unmatched by franchise and break and mortar grooming salons. For just a few dollars more, pet owners are willing to pay for a more exclusive and custom tailored in home pet grooming experience.

3. Pet Behavior Specialist: Popular shows like The Dog Whisperer and It’s Me or the Dog have pet owners clamoring to understand their pets behavior. Gone are the days of training your dog to simply sit, stay or roll over – pet parents are learning to understand what certain behaviors mean.

Marketing yourself as a behavior specialist instead of a typical “dog trainer” indicates that you have an understanding of the animal beyond the typical “fetch” command training and this is what modern pet owners are looking for.

Due to the nature of the relationship between pets and their owners – this is an industry that requires the utmost care and professionalism. You would treat the animal as if it were a member of your own family. Check with your state and county business departments to find out if you need any specialized licenses. Finally – be sure to get the appropriate insurance coverage. Follow us for more great pet business ideas at

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