The Pets of World


The Pets of World

Pets can be a rewarding and entertaining media to any household, and owning pets can have many benefits for all humans. Household pets are common in America, Europe, and Asia. Considering one main thing is that pets can become an important part of any shelter, especially like dogs and cats that will be a part of your family for years. A child can often gain care and a sense of responsibility looking after an animal, and can also develop a confidence and respectful attitude towards them. There’s much to learn and gain from owning a pet, but before buying one you have much to consider too. Pets are part of many families’ lives. A child, who learns to care for pets, and treat it gently and patiently, may get invaluable training in learning to treat people the same way. 

Let us have an overview about the pets being owned by the humans as peaceful and joyful companions. Following discussed are the most chosen ones as a pet.


Birds are one of the most beautiful, colourful, and often noisy companions to a home. There are many different kinds of bird, some of which can be kept inside in a cage, others in an outdoor aviary. Some are chosen on the basis of their colours and some with their voices. Cost of buying and keeping a bird will vary depending on the species, and the age. Popular breeds kept as pets include canaries, budgies, and cockatiels. Fulfilling their needs is very important when you take on a chosen bird. Ignoring their care may cause to develop habit of plucking their feathers, likely to bite/nip. Special day to day care about their illness must be done regularly.


Dogs make terrific companions. They are great protectors and seem to sense when a master is feeling low, and upset. They will eagerly lie faithfully at your feet and stick nose into your hand or lick your face. They are great with your kids and honest with your stuffs. Thing is that their deeds depends upon how they got trained. Always check the breed before choosing a dog. Their night-time barks scare away burglars. Walk with your dog in a park or any public place and see what happens if another person or animal threatens you, even playfully.


Cats are soft to touch, fun to play companions. Enjoy playing and affection when the mood takes them. They are relatively easy to look after and provide for with basic requirements as bed, litter tray and food & water. A good training is beneficial for them to get relief from their habits of scratching and tearing. These are the much entertaining material for household. They are clean creatures so that you need not have to look them as more as compared to other pets. But care must be given towards them. They do make the best pets for older children. A variety of breeds found in the world for cats with depending on their colours and furs.


Ferrets have been domesticated from the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt and came to their height of popularity during the Victorian Age in England. Hunting rabbits is made easier with using ferrets as they chase rabbits out of their holes into waiting nets. They are also kept as working pets to hunt mice and rats mostly in United States. More than seven million ferrets are found in domestic households in the United States. They are more independent than dogs, more playful than kittens and remain playful all their lives. By personality they are quiet animals and do not make a lot of noise. Their life is eight to eleven years. Health care should be taken properly at time.


House mice are nocturnal and feed on seeds, plants, and insects. The female can give birth to 4-7 young every 30 days, but due to the high level of predators, most of the young do not survive for more than a few months. Life expectancy of mice is 1.5-3 years. Domesticated mice are descendants of the house mouse. They are originated in Asia but now are found all over the world, particularly where people are present. The earliest domesticated mice were kept in the royal palaces of Japan and China. 


Fish are a kind of pets that do not require much care, and a small or big aquarium can add to the decor of a room. Peoples like wonderful thing about fish are their large assortment of shapes, sizes and colours. They are welcome anywhere you live, and becomes a part of attraction for all peoples. Statistics show that collecting fish is the second largest hobby in the world. They keep the environment clean and need relatively a small space as compared to other pets.

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