The Importance of Knowing How a Pet is Feeling


The Importance of Knowing How a Pet is Feeling

Article by Leah Williams

Some people are dog lovers, while others prefer cats. However, there are also those who favor more exotic pets. Rabbits, lizards, spiders, and turtles are becoming more and more common, but most of the people who get such pets have no idea how to properly care for them and how to ensure they are healthy and happy. Yes, a rabbit can be happy or sad, just like a dog can. Many people are not aware of this, or choose not to give importance to it, but pets have feelings as well, and making sure they are happy at all times is not as easy as it sounds. Purchasing a large number of pet supplies for their cat or dog, some rabbit hutches for their two little bunnies, or a vivarium for their reptile is not enough.Some pets make it extremely easy to see when they are happy or when they are sad. Dogs for example wag their tail, while cats purr, but turtles or rabbits are not as obvious. Pet owners, however, need to be aware of how their pet is feeling, and do something to change its mood if it is sad or scared. Getting to know their pet and being able to know how their pet will react in different situations is something all pet owners should do.Those with exotic pets will have a much more difficult time when it comes to knowing the mood of their pet. It is not exactly easy to see when a rabbit is happy or when a turtle is sad. A reduced appetite for example may be a sign of sadness, but it could also be a sign of an illness, so it is important for pet owners to be able to properly identify the mood of their pet, and act accordingly.In all cases doing some research helps. For example, owners of rabbits will discover that there are a lot of signs that show the mood of their pet. Rabbits are in fact one of the pets with the highest number of emotions, even though not all of them are easy to spot. A scared rabbit is easy to identify, but one that is anxious or one that is depressed may not be as easy. Taking the time to understand how a pet is expressing itself is another thing all pet owners should do, as it helps them understand it better.It is very easy to make some pets happy. For example, dogs are generally happy when in the company of their master, and if they have a cosy basket nearby, that is even better. Some cats are happy when left alone to sleep in a warm place, while others are happy when sleeping in the lap of their owner. However, while dogs and cats are easy to please, generally, reptiles or spiders are not so easy to please. In fact, many think that pleasing a spider is impossible, as all it cares about is being left alone and receiving food at regular intervals. While identifying the mood of their pet may not be so easy for those with exotic pets, owners can at least make sure their pet has all the pet supplies it needs. Owners getting some nice rabbit hutches for their pets may discover that their rabbits are suddenly more active and seem to be happier. However, those with reptiles should not expect any change in the behavior of their pet when getting a new pet accessories for it. It should be noted that not all pets from the same species are the same, nor do they express feelings in the same way. Some rabbits may be much more connected to their owner, and may enjoy sleeping in his or her lap, while others may avoid contact with their owner even after several months. Just like with humans, different pets have different personalities, and it is important for pet owners to get to know the personality of their pet. With love and attention, all pets will eventually develop a bond with their owner, and this will allow both sides to better communicate and understand each other. It is just very important for people not to give up until this happens, as many seem to do.

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