The Educational Value Of Free Online Pet Games


The Educational Value Of Free Online Pet Games

It is a well known fact that many pet owners have a hard enough time grooming their pets, little if any energy is left to teach their children how to do it. Some may find it ironic, that the few people in the home who are actually pushing for a pet in their home 24/7 are the same kids who will later not be involved in the proper grooming and care of the creature they yearned for. As it is true that unwillingness to help out may be due to the lack of knowledge in proper grooming techniques, it is not always the case. However, wouldn’t it be great to have a tool you could use online that would help your children learn the basics of pet grooming, and best of all, absolutely free!

The good news is that this tool already exists in the form of free pet games available online. Pet games made in the Adobe flash platform, provide children with didactic multimedia applications involving different pets that children can play with in a virtual world. Pet games online such as “Sami’s Pet Care”, “Feed My Pet”, and “Net Pet Caring Game” are just some examples of flash applications in this genre.

The typical scenario in a free pet game online involves a pet of some kind, be it a cat, a puppy or a hedgehog, in a virtual setting such as a pet care center, a veterinarian clinic, or a pet grooming salon. The player would be presented with a pet, which he would have to take care of, bathe, brush, clip his nails and other grooming exercises. In most cases, the player would have to go through a step by step process in pet grooming, or veterinarian care, while learning the basics of the trade. In some cases, the player would have to play against the clock, in which case he would need to have learned all the steps in the process to the last detail.

Besides being very educational, flash pet games available online free, can also be quite entertaining. The games are presented with a myriad of furry little creatures, in vivid and colorful settings. The sound score and special effects are made of cats and dog choirs, which make the application that much more cheerful. Pet games online can either be played alone in single player mode, or in groups with friends and family. These games make excellent conversation pieces and are a source of hours of fun for the entire family. Pet games in general have an easy to follow story line and easy set of controls that almost anyone can follow. Thus, pet games are designed for children of all ages and genres as well. All these benefits, plus the fact that they are free online, make these games appealing for children, but for parents as well.

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