The Best Ways To Deal With Emergency Pet Care


The Best Ways To Deal With Emergency Pet Care

Article by Stefan Hyross

When your dog or cat is sick or injured, getting to a professional emergency vet is usually your primary thought, but understanding how to administer simple first aid for pets could make a huge difference in a moment of crisis. It is important to assure that you stock enough supplies on hand as well as reference manuals and contact information for a veterinarian, animal shelter and poison control center. With any emergency circumstance, keeping a cool head and a calm, assertive perspective is crucial, and possessing a plan to deal with your pets in the event of a crisis, environmental disaster or family situation will pay off when you need to make on the spot decisions.

A well-stocked first aid kit is pivotal to any household, and luckily most of the items it contains can be used for attending to your pets’ affliction and injuries. Hydrogen peroxide, sterile saline solution and antibiotic gel may be applied to wounds to prevent infection while go to get professional medical treatment. Learn how to properly dress a wound and bare in mind that pets often try to pul off the coverings, and because you may need to find ways to keep it in place, make sure you have a lot of extra clean cloth strips, gauze and surgical tape in your kit. Get a digital thermometer in your first aid kit since ordinary human mercury thermometers frequently will not indicate high enough to obtain reliable reading on a dog or cat. When handling intestinal problems, have a supply of everyday remedies that might be recommended by an emergency vet, such as activated charcoal tablets, laxatives, mineral oil or Milk of Magnesia, however don’t give them without the instructions of an expert.

Certain specific tools such as eye droppers and pet pill dispensers should be included in your first aid kit so you may provide medications to your animals. If you own dogs, include a well fitting muzzle for them, since many dogs when panicked may bite. Injured cats may be wrapped gently in a large towel so they are not able to escape and hide or scratch you while you’re attending to them. It is valuable to have an emergency transportation cage for each one of your pets since it is dangerous for everyone for an injured dog or cat to be loose in the car. Your family accident kit could include reserves of any medicines that your animals take normally if you are unable to get to their regular supply.

Many times emergency pet care needs immediate attention and learning simple techniques could be the difference between life and death. Bear in mind how effective water can be in handling many pet-related situations. For example, you can distract fighting animals by pitching a pot of water at their heads or showering them with a garden hose. If a pet is bleeding, washing the cut with clear water is an initial step to determine the extent of the wound. If a dog or cat appears to be suffering from heat stroke or dehydration, get them cool wet cloths to help them reduce their temperature.

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