Sugar Glider Care Information: Dealing with Bad Odor


Sugar Glider Care Information: Dealing with Bad Odor

Article by Jeffseele

Sugar gliders are generally easy to maintain. For owners who are able to acquire such animals, it is important to know all about sugar glider care information and develop their pets into their best forms. While it is true that there are few known issues with the cleanliness and health of these animals, it is still important to be prepared in order to ensure a rewarding and hassle-free experience. These animals are not prone to serious diseases so they do not require vaccinations. But it is still necessary to resolve minor issues for more convenience. This is also to ensure that your pets are always in good condition for them to attain maximum life span. To be sure, keep in touch with the breeder who previously handled your pets or seek the help of a veterinarian who can handle exotic pets.

Sugar gliders are generally clean and well behaved. They do not urinate or play with their wastes especially in their sleeping areas. It is not surprising that most owners are confident to let their sugar gliders to stay inside their pockets wherever they may go. But the common issue is the odor that these pets may develop. There are a lot of factors that contribute to odor issues for exotic gliders. In order to solve them, it is important to know all about sugar glider care information which allows you to learn the things that you can do to keep unpleasant smell form taking over. Usually, the ones that are affected are the male gliders. The food that you provide can have a big effect to how they smell. You can’t totally remove the natural odor of these pets but it shouldn’t be that terrible either. To make sure that they don’t develop unwanted odors, there are things you have to observe or follow.

Several products are recommended to keep the cleanliness, hygiene, and overall health of your these animals. As per sugar glider care information, it is recommended to use disinfectant and cleaner products not only for the animals but for their housing as well. Case disinfectants can help in reducing bad odor and disinfects the cage from animal wastes, making it a healthier environment for your pets. Next is to implement proper diet. Make sure to consult the breeder who knows a lot of things about your pet. Also, your local veterinarians can advice the proper diet to implement for your sugar gliders. Generally, it is advisable to keep their diet as natural as possible. Avoid products that contain high level of chemicals and preservatives as these can have a different effects on animals especially the exotic ones. For immediate solution, you can apply odor-eliminator products which safely act as air purifier for the cage.

Products provided to solve odor issues with gliders are only temporary. Make sure to know the foods that can cause them to develop unpleasant odors such as citrus fruits. For complete sugar glider care information, you can check online or better yet, with your breeder or veterinarian.

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