Sick Dogs, How Not To Lose Your Best Friends And Suffer Greatly


Sick Dogs, How Not To Lose Your Best Friends And Suffer Greatly. Sick Dogs, How Not To Lose Your Best Friends And Suffer Greatly. This is something you will have to dealt with, and Sick dogs are heart breaking and you do not want to lose your best friends. And even if you are not an animal lover you can never stand to see an animal sick, or a human being sick because we are all interconnected as part of the Universe.

Sick DogsSick dogs is a site that is quite unusual, because dogs are not like other animals, by nature they are extremely playful, active, and always ready to be petted. Their tails swing, their tongue is out, their head is up and they are swinging their little behind. And that ‘s everyday, every hour that they see you; constantly the loyal friends. And dogs are always ready to accompany you going to the store, going fishing and ready to throw a tennis ball around. So sick dogs need to be saved, taken care of and helped at any cost because you do not want to lose your best friends ever. And your healthy dogs are always ready to watch over you, lay at your feet, watch your house – apartment – and backyards, but your sick dogs can not perform their beloved duty, they can not show you their unconditional love, nor can they defend you. So dear friend we need to explore how to keep your best friend from getting sick and when they get sick, then learn to do what it takes to get them healed immediately.

First we need to explore the signs that your dogs are sick in order not to lose your best friends. If your dogs stop eating, that is a sign that they are sick. If your dogs just lay around all day, that is a sign that they are sick. If your dog is throwing up, that is a sign that they are sick. If your dogs are losing their hair, that is a sign that they are sick. If your dogs are losing weight, another sign that they are sick. If your dogs have spots showing, then they are getting sick. If your dogs are limping, then they are sick. If your dogs are foaming at the mouth, then they are sick. If your dogs have blood in their stool, then they are getting sick. If your dogs are acting funny in any way, then more than likely they are sick.

Sick Dogs

To respond to your sick dogs and not lose your best friends, you must first know how to recognize any changes in your dogs behavior. So as you rub your dogs, or feed them, or caressing them do pay close attention to your bests friends being in pain. And with anything abnormal, you must immediately call your vet or your pet information hot line, and even your local humane society. So you should always have those numbers registered on your cell phone, to get quick and reliable information on what to do. And remember, just like your body when something goes wrong the sooner you see a doctor and catch it at the beginning, the easier, the quicker and the cheaper it will be fixed. So please get your dogs to be seen at the first sign of a sickness, or any pain.

Now while you ‘re trying not to lose your best friends, and taking great care of your sick dogs you do not want to lose your shirt or your house. So you want to be proactive, and realize that just like you sooner or later your dogs are going to get sick, so please look at some good insurances and get some quotes while they are in great health. Now each insurance for pet is different, and covers different things, so look for the ones that will take care of regular doctor visits and pay for at least 75% of the cost if any surgeries are needed. And try hard to find the ones that will help pay for medication, so do a search for pet insurance online, and take your time in reading what they offer because this is about your dogs and how you do not want to lose about your best friends.

With all this said, the biggest gift you can give to your dogs is in how you take care of them. Your dogs need a healthy diet. And a healthy diet involves dog foods that have a healthy combination of meats, vegetables and vitamins along with good fiber. And please do not buy those dog foods with all these colors in them, for the chemicals that they put in them just to make these colors will harm your dogs, and make them sick continuously.

So the greener the food, the better it is for your dogs, and make sure you get your dogs to exercise either by taking them walking, jogging or if it ‘s too hot or too cold, then you could try a treadmill for about 10 minutes a day. And to get more secret tips and great ideas for your best friends, go to And get your hands on all the right things to do for your sick dogs before and after. Their body is just like ours, and need constant moving, and as you know your dogs love to run anyway.

Also, do keep up with their shots annually, and that will prevent quite a few diseases for them. And when at the vet, always get your heart worm medication, for you have quite a few different kind of worms that will harm your dog, some that will make them lose their hair, some that will make them throw up, some that will attack their heart. And your love for your sick dogs must guide you so you will not lose your best friends, you must commit to learn all you can about your dogs, and again visit this site: so your dogs can love you more, and be around in life for much longer. And you don ‘t want be all alone and heart broken, do you?. By Dr. James Dazouloute

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Dr. James Dazouloute Holds A PHD And A Doctorate Degrees In 2 Fields, And Is A National Leader, Educator, Counselor And Activist. Working To Fight Injustice, Ignorance And Poverty In All Forms. Especially Poverty Of The Mind, In Not Being Enlightened. He Is A Serial Entrepreneur Who Has been Involved In Several Start-ups. He Loves Business, Self Development And Have Had A Life-long Fascination With Spirituality And Technology.

Article by Dr. James Dazouloute. Dr. James Dazouloute Being From The Dictatorship And Impoverished Nation Of Haiti, He Himself understands First Hand Injustice, And Poverty Of All Forms. And So His Mission Is To Empower Individuals And Families Not To Be Living In Lack Of Anything, But To Truly Empower Them To Become Wealthy And Prosperous.

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