Senior Pet Care with an Animal Hospital in Pacific Grove


Senior Pet Care with an Animal Hospital in Pacific Grove

For your senior pet, find an animal hospital in Pacific Grove that has long lasting experience in provide senior pet care. With the advancing age of your pets, the requirement for health care changes as well. There are various issues with weight and mobility that arise due to the age factor. Your animal hospital in Pacific Grove probably follows the guidelines provided by AAHA for senior pets. Talk to your animal hospital about the senior pet care plan for your pet. If you own a smaller breed of dog, they live longer than the larger breed and cats usually have a longer lifespan than a dog.

Animal Hospital In Pacific Grove Will Conduct Senior Health Exams

Senior Pet Care with an Animal Hospital in Pacific GroveIt is even more important with a senior pet to schedule regular veterinary exams. With a smaller breed of dog 11-12 yrs of age is considered as senior whereas for larger breed, senior age could be as early as 5 years. Regular exams, once every six months, will enable the veterinarian to detect health problems. Apart from physical exam, animal hospital will also run lab tests. A lab result when your pet is healthy is taken as a baseline value and every subsequent result is then compared to the baseline value to determine if there is a health problem.

Senior Pet Care – Laboratory Testing Done By Animal Hospital In Pacific Grove

Lab tests are done every six months and the following tests are recommended:

Complete Blood Count to measure red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets count in a given sample of blood. Test results can help identify issues like anemia, leukemia and other infections. When urine has the substances like sugar and white blood cells that are usually not found in urine, it indicates health problems, like, urinary-tract infections, kidney problems or diabetes. Urine examination is done by a process called urinalysis.

Electrolytes, enzymes and chemical elements are measured using the test called blood-chemistry panel. This is done to verify the proper functioning of kidneys, pancreas, and liver. Your pet’s feces are examined under a microscope to detect the presence of parasites. If the parasites exist, they can be the cause for indigestion, internal bleeding or pancreatic issues and require immediate treatment.

Understand The Effects Of Age With An Animal Hospital In Pacific Grove

As with humans, you will see a general slowing down in your senior pet. Sensory perceptions get dull and the pets will exhibit a slower response to external stimuli. This is a slow process and progresses with advancing age. Good nutrition, regular exercise and physical training will help to keep your pet sharp and attentive for a longer time.

Apart from sensory changes, you will also be able to detect physical changes in your pet. Contacting infection gets frequent while healing process becomes slower. Urination becomes a problem as well when kidney wears out and your pet might not be able to control urination in the night.

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