Sami’s Pet Care- An Online Pet Game Kids Adore


Sami’s Pet Care- An Online Pet Game Kids Adore

For those not familiar with pet games online, they are the hottest arcade game genre in the Internet. Made in the Flash platform for free arcade game sites, pet games that are free to play online have been spawning everywhere. This particular genre has become so popular, different variations of the games involving different types of animals and themes have been created in order to keep the players interested and coming back for more. Variations include veterinary clinics, underwater explorations and pet care centers. In this article we will be taking a look at “Sami’s Pet Care”, a pet game that takes place in a day care center for animals.

Samis’s pet care has taken the Internet by storm with it’s cute little characters and cozy Barbie type background images. The starts off in the care center, where the player finds himself alone waiting for customers to arrive. Sami, is represented by a young girl with bunny ears adorning her head. The care center she works in has a number of different stations where the needs of the animals need to be taken care off. These stations include a bathing unit, a first aid station, a sleeping table, a feeding station and a playing corral which stands in the middle of the room.

As soon as the customers arrive, the game starts. You are required to move Sami around using the arrow keys to meet your first customer. He or she will be accompanied by a pet, which he will hand over to you to take care off in the center. Your best choice at this point is to take the animal to the playing corral in the middle as fast as you can. From here on, you can either wait for the next customer or attend to the needs of the pet already in your care. As soon as a need arises, such as feeding time, or bathing time, the animal will let you know by showing you images, as if he was thinking about them. The images will contain icons similar to those depicted in each station, thus letting you know where to go next. This may sound easy with just one pet, but when the time comes where you are tending to four or five different animals, your skills will be put to the test.

The scenery does not change; it is a static image of the care center where Sami works. They are a pleasing mix of pastel green and pink, which provide for a smoothing and relaxing atmosphere. The graphic detail of the images is top notch for a flash game, considering the limitations. The objects are well spaced out and allow for the player to move around nicely. The game is mixed with a relaxing sound score meant to sooth the player amidst potentially stressful situations.

This game stands out in the online pet game genre. It is simple to follow, does not require any special hardware, and could keep anyone busy for hours.

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