Purchasing A Pet From A Pet Shop


Purchasing A Pet From A Pet Shop

Article by Floyd P. Dietz

The modern pet shop will obviously sell you a variety of pets but they also offer pet supplies, pet food for a variety of animals and all types of accessories. Most pet stores will offer dogs and cats, hamsters, lizards, snakes and some pet stores also offer fish for aquariums. Some pet stores sell exotic animals and exotic birds.Substandard Breeding Environments

Pet shops have been criticized for obtaining their puppies from puppy mills which have been known for having substandard environments. These types of breeding environments are also used to breed cats and other types of animals. Some studies claim that more than seven million deaths occur on an annual basis for animals that have been raised in unhealthy environments. The animals that survive in these types of environments have a high rate of disease, temperament problems and hereditary defects.

If you are considering purchasing a pet from a pet shop ask the owner of the shop where he gets his pets from and ask for some solid information to ensure your pet has not come from a substandard environment. It’s very tempting to purchase the cute little puppy you see through the window, but before you purchase the puppy do your homework and ask a lot of questions. It’s also a good idea to get references from people who have purchased pets from the particular store you are considering doing business with.

Pet Supplies

If you already have a dog or cat or some other type of pet, you can typically find a wider variety of supplies at a large pet shop when compared to the average grocery store, especially when it comes to supplies for exotic pets. The larger pet stores typically have the best prices and you can find some good deals on the internet.

Natural Products

If you are concerned about the health of your pet, some pet experts suggest you feed them natural products. There are pet stores that specialize in natural food products. If you are taking a holistic approach to pet care, you can purchase natural dog foods that are filled with quality protein and whole grains and fresh vegetables and do not contain unnatural preservatives.

Find a pet shop that offer natural products and also provides natural flea control products, various supplements, a variety of medicines, natural shampoos, vitamins, herbal remedies and organic treats. Some pet shops even offer toys that are made from natural hemp. If you are looking to buy a pet or find supplies look for a quality pet shop.

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