Promote Your Pet Daycare Business with an Ultimate Pet Website


Promote Your Pet Daycare Business with an Ultimate Pet Website. For a pet daycare business, a website is a very important tool in the promotion of your business. Online marketing lets people know you’re in business and ready for customers. An ad in the yellow pages simply isn’t enough these days, as a majority of people go to the web to find a business. And yes, they can search the online yellow pages and find the name and phone number of your business, but a website allows you to gain the trust of clients, letting them know a little more about you and your business before they leave their beloved pet for the day.

Requirements for your Pet Day Care Website

There are several important aspects in a pet daycare website. Some of the most significant things your site should include are:

Promote Your Pet Daycare BusinessA mission statement

Here, you want to define the purpose of your business and your overall mission. Explain why you started the business and what you intend to do to provide loving care you’re your clients’ pets.

Services provided

There should be a section on your site that defines the exact services you provide, i.e., what types of pets you care for, what are the hours of operation, and fees for services, and whether they are hourly or daily fees.


You should definitely provide photos of pets in your care. Show potential clients pictures of happy pets, having meals or playing. Slideshows or rotating photo galleries and truly effective.


Provide short videos of activities with pets in your care. This shows the client that you truly take interest in their pet and not simply lock them away in a crate for the entire day.


Monthly newsletters are great for a pet day care site. Here, you can include information of new services, anecdotes, and more.

Customer Testimonials

Include a section of testimonials from the clients who’ve used your services and been pleased with the results.

E-mail address/contact section

Include a contact section, where clients can e-mail you or contact you in other ways.


A blog describing the activities of each day at the day care provides useful and interesting information for readers.


A calendar of events is effective for pet day care website. Include on the calendar any changes in schedules, closings, events, and more.


Coupons and other promotions are an effective way to gain new clients and keep old clients returning to your business.

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Website

While you may be able to build a website yourself from an online template, a professional website will help to boost your business, as the pet day care service is competitive. A website designed by the professionals at Ultimate Pet Websites will increase your business in no time, as Ultimate Pet Websites has the expertise needed to build an efficient website for your pet day care business. Some advantages of having a professional site built by Ultimate Pet Websites include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • SEO knowledge, putting your site in the top of search lists
  • 99.9% up time
  • Security updates
  • Software updates
  • Regular backups
  • Tech support
  • Experts in the field of designing websites for pet related businesses


Ultimate Pet Websites will design your website and provide regular backups and scheduled updates. Packages vary, and you can choose one that suits the size of your business. The basic package includes 9 webpages, a photo gallery and up to 5 e-mail addresses. The next package adds 25 sub-pages, a newsletter, custom forms, a calendar, and up to 10 e-mail addresses. There are several more packages to choose from with even more features, such as banners, animation, audio and video.

If you have a website already and it has not been of benefit to your business, or, if you have no website and are considering starting one, consider letting Ultimate Pet Websites build your site for you. The initial cost will pay off quickly with the resulting increase in your pet day care business.

vArticle by Jamie Coyne. Ultimate Pet Websites provides SEO and Social Networking services for pet-related businesses and organizations. Visit for details.

Promote Your Pet Daycare Business

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