Pets questions and answers


Pets questions and answers

any free puppies?
my little cousins recently had to put down their dog and they are looking for a new one.

Rabbit Help?
How do u tell if a rabbit is lonely? I have a dwarf and be thinking about getting another from a shelter. Can to neutered male rabbits live together? How can I introduce them?

Breeding Crickets..?
Ok, so I have a lot of pets that eat those crickets that you buy at the pet store. Including, turtles, geckos, tarantula etc. I read contained by a book that you can breed those crickets so you don’t have to buy so many at the pet…

any one know where on earth to return with rabbits from ?
i really want a British Giant Rabbit and will look after it and stuff like that but i don’t ni where to get one from so whether any one breeds them and they live sort close to west sussex please answer this question… or if you know…

Companion Pet Please ?
I have a friend who is very lonely, her parents got a divorce and for a while depressed. I looked into getting her a pet monkey but, its to hard SHE NEEDS A COMPANION! Not a cat or dog, what should I do?

I Have A Pet ferret that i cant take care of anymore what do i do who do i call i only want him to find a nicer home

How can i be help for grieving for a pet?
My rabbit passed away yesterday and i need help. How long should i lurk for another pet? i need that special bond. How should i remember him in a good channel but overcome the grief??

How to go swimming a hedgehog??
Hi,I’m thinking about getting a hedgehog, so I’m reading up on them as much as I can. I have a few questions though. Is Aveeno unscented Oatmeal Body Wash okay for them? How should I apply the body wipe? Also, How do I pick them up?

I enjoy a hedgehog examine?
Ok, I have 2 questions.1. How old do hedgies enjoy to be to breed them?2. Do you have to have a license to breed them?Thanks,Renesmee

I hold Pig i mingy Big problem ?
My problem is awful my nose is like going adjectives weird shaped. its starting to look flat and turned up. its starting to look like a snout like Penelope’s you know the one surrounded by the movie.Oooooo wat do i do im scared, i look so…

is it undamaging to buy pets online?
how do i know if the puppy i’m trying to buy is reallly purebreed how can i tell if puppy is really is akc?etci requirement please

Is the Jack Russel a dutiful choice for a pet?
Looking for a dog. I don’t want one that is a ton of trouble and too small to take care of it self, but also don’t want one too big to ride within the front seat of truck with me. Just looking for a…

my pregnant cat have be making impressively funny noise times past few days. WHY?
We found her abandoned on Oct 15th, brought her to vet then home. It turns out she is pregnant and whether I go by the dates we found her, another 2 or 3 weeks (not sure of exact date) she will be due. Vet confirmed closing week…

Question in the region of Lop Rabbit?
I want a lop rabbit but need to do a little more research before I resolve if I should get one or not. Which lop rabbit is the best kind to obtain? Do they need lots of attention? Do they scratch lots? Anything you know about…

Should within be a try-out to own a pet?
Does anybody agree with me that there should be some sort of test to gage whether you would know how to take care of a pet or be a responsible pet owner? I just don;t cogitate that it is fair on some animals that they are given…

what can i nurture my rabbit ?
I want to feed my rabbit other things than pet food but what is best and what will he like ?

where on earth can i get hold of chicken lead?
ok so i have a little rabbit called Mr.Flop and we want to sort him a run so he can run about in the garden.unfortunately at hand are to many cats around so he cant run about the garden with out his harness on which is why…

where on earth can I achieve a praying mantis as a pet?
My Dad has been fascinated with praying mantises as long as I can remember, and I be thinking about getting him one as a pet. Where can I get one ( I live in West Virginia) and how not easy are they to take care of? He…

<~ Name this cat…she’s a girl?
We’ve recently adopted her and can’t decide on a designation.HELP!

<~ See this cat? Name her?
We have taken in a stray cat, but we don’t know what to call her.Have a progress yourself.We already have the following names:HenryFleurPoppyBrackenBillyJasmineSnowdropLilacPansyLilyWillowHolyWoodyPreferably a flower type name to fit surrounded by with the names above.

? Anyone who have roughly speaking 3 minutes?
Could anyone/everyone go to Google Translator (… ) and type in the name Paco and translate it from English to Chinese (Traditional)? If actual Chinese characters come up, afterwards, could you take a screenshot, save it, upload it ( ) ,…

(anybody within here next to a sugarglider) what do they chomp through, what do they stipulation, etc?
I recently got a sugarglider and I have a recipe of what they used to nurture him, and I made some food. But I also want to know what fruits, veggies, etc, they can eat.What exactly do they need apart from enclose and pouches. I would be…

(does anyone know where on earth i can carry a capuchin monkey from any be surrounded by chicago il 2 indiana duenes?
hellow my name is Beatriz I have been looking to draw from a capuchin monkey but i have been having some difficulties, does anyone know where on earth i can get a capuchin monkey anywher from around the chicagoland area the indiana dunes area and any where…

(for a survey, PLEASE ANSWER!) effortless 10 points! DO YOU LIKE CATS BETTER OR DOGS?
I’m doing a survey for class and I really need your answers FAST! Do you like cats better or dogs better AND WHY. I’m more of a cat soul my self but I need 37 more answers at least! Please answer!

(HELP!) Is a masculine or feminine mouse faster? ?
I’m doing a science project on this, but I need to see what you think. Well, actually I involve resources that I can add on to, so what do you think?? Please help me, I can’t find anything on any website and I want it done by…

okay what do you need to take care of a rabbit??

*Help! Pet cross-examine!**?
hi i need help it is a pet question and i inevitability a non-nocturnal pet that is not a hamster, ferret, sugar glider, or at turtle! I know petty tough! and i really want to cuddle with what ever pet you guys are going to tell me…

… What is a cavalier?
Someone wrote in another post they had it as a pet. I only know of the coupé. What kind of animal is a cavalier?

…what this foreign type of pet?
does anyone know what this new pet is? i don’t know much about it but apparently it bonds with you straight absent and it’s small and i think it’s australian, might not be thoughanyway it’s a new type of pet

🙁 ferret bites me for nothinnngg?
ohh dear i just finished playing with my ferret and i had scruufed it corectly because i lately got him not to long ago and the first thing he did was to attak me write after i scruffed it…

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