Pet Rat Facts


Pet Rat Facts

Prior to purchasing a nice pet rat for yourself, you must be familiar with their habits and nature. There are some really interesting facts about pet rats. Why do not just go through them? Have a look:

The domestic rats live for about 2-3 years at an average note.

They have small but charming looks and body. They are just 9-11 inches in length and their tail is 7-9 inches long.

Being Nocturnal, the rats are mostly active and naughty during night time. Therefore, it is better to keep them inside cage or nest box at nights.

The male rats are known as “bucks” and the female rats are known as “does”. The baby rats are called as “kittens” and “pups”.

They have social and friendly behavior so you must keep a pair of rats if you can.

Rats are social so do best if kept with another rat (or group of rats).

The pet rats reach their puberty time at a very young age that is just in over 6-8 weeks from their birth. The good idea will be not to breed them in such a young age.


The female rats receive their heat in every 4-5 days. This time period continues for about 24 hours that is one complete day. They will be somewhat restless and fomented during this time period.


Why are pet rats so adorable?

The pet rats are so adorable and attractive because they have intelligent brain, curious attitude and social behavior which are responsible for making them the amazing pets. These domestic animals are also easily chastened and tamed. In relation to other pets, rats require care which is high on maintenance yet easy to follow. They need good amount of time for exercising and playing like freedom from the cages for 1-2 hours daily. This way they will remain healthy and happy. As they have social nature, you must keep them in pairs; the ideal pair will be of similar sex rats. Introduce the pets at a younger age to make them friendlier. It will be best if the two rats are litter mates.

Bedding for pet rats!

It is strongly advised to prevent the use of pine wood and cedar wood shavings. They are safe and absorb smell but they are high on the risk of respiratory problems for rats like allergies, asthma and inflammation. The aspen wood will be the fine option. You can go for any other hardwood too. Nowadays, there are various litter and bedding options for pet rats which are highly absorbent, safe, and dust free. It is better not to opt for pellet beddings because they are not comfortable in sleep and playing activities. The best alternatives will be as follows:

CareFresh Ultra

Kaytee soft Sorbent

eco-straw litter

Aspen shavings

Kaytee total comfort

Critter country

Cell Sorb plus

Sun seed fresh world bedding

The nesting material is also required. The nesting materials are utilized by pet rats to shred and have fun. The best materials will be the paper towels, tissues, white paper, and some clean and soft cloth piece. Clean the litter of the bedding and cage once in a week.

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