Pet Rabbit Care – A Brief Introduction


Pet Rabbit Care – A Brief Introduction

Article by Nathan Alan

Your rabbit is a physically and psychologically complex creature. It ‘s essential for any person caring for a pet rabbit to make an honest and sincere attempt to understand the inner workings of their rabbit.

Every rabbit owner should have an understanding of:

– the basics of pet rabbit care

– what type of pet bunny is the right for you…hair length, size, colour. There are so many variables it is a good idea to think about you home and your family when deciding what type of bunny is right for you. If you have kids a larger bunny is usualy better…they are more sturdy and muscular and less likely to be injured by your child.

– which bunny breed is the one for you

– how to house your bunny…indoor or outdoor. You also must consider what type of “house” to give him…a hutch or a cage?

– what equipment you will need i.e. cages, litter boxes, food bowls, water bottles, hay rack

– how to properly groom your rabbit i.e. brushing his hair and clipping his nails

– what to feed your rabbit…store bought pellets or natural foods such as vegetables and fruits

– which foods you should only feed to your pet rabbit in small quantities to avoid him becoming obese

– how to keep you rabbit fit by exercising him properly

– how to spot and prevent common rabbit health problems. There are so many minor health problems that can progress into much more serious conditions. You need to know what to look out for and what to do if your rabbit shows certain symtoms

– how to train you rabbit… your bunny CAN be litter box trained

– how to stop your bunny misbehaving

– how to interpret your pet rabbit’s body language so as to understand his needs and wants

– how to play and socialise with your pet bunny…without making the common mistakes that can frighten him

From reading the above you can see there is a lot to consider and why it is so important to have a good understanding of pet rabbit care.

About the Author

Nathan Alan is the founder of and the author of “The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Rabbit”. He is a house rabbit enthusiast and supports proper pet rabbit care. Visit him at to find out more about caring for your pet rabbit and grab your FREE rabbit care guide.

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