Pet Loss Prevention as an Important Aspect of Pet Care


Pet Loss Prevention as an Important Aspect of Pet Care

Article by Donald Dubay

Pet loss prevention is an important aspect of pet care. Now whenever many people hear of dog care, they tend to think in terms of things like ensuring that the pet gets a proper diet, ensuring that the dog gets proper physical exercise, getting the pet vaccinated… and so on. There is no doubt that all these are important practices. But then again, there are other aspects of dog care which don’t get a lot of attention (yet they are absolutely essential for the optimal well being of the pet). One of those is dog loss prevention, which forms the subject of this discussion.

Ways in which pet loss can take place

There are several ways in which pet loss can manifest. In the first instance, it is possible for a dog to stray, end up in unfamiliar territory, and thus be lost. In the best case scenario, such a pet would end up in the hands of a governmental (or non governmental) agency charged with lost pet care roles. But you can be sure that the care it would be receiving there wouldn’t be as good as you’d have given it. You can also be sure that unless you are reunited with him or her, your pet probably won’t live as long as he or she would have otherwise lived, if you were the one caring for him or her. That, however, is the best case scenario. In the worst case scenario, the stray pet ends up in the hands of malicious people, who will have no qualms torturing him or her, and possibly poisoning him or her. There are low-lifers who derive pleasure from that sort of thing.

Pet loss can also take place when the pets are stolen. Now a person has to be quite heartless to steal a pet. You can be sure that the pet won’t get proper care from that person – who will probably be only interested in finding a market for the pet. Indeed, if the market can’t be found soon enough, the pet may end up being killed.

Another way in which pet loss occurs is where pets stray into busy roads, get hit by fast-moving vehicles, and lose their lives that way. It is hard to travel long distances on busy highways without encountering pets which have been hit by speeding vehicles.

Practical ways to prevent pet loss

One of the most practical ways to prevent pet loss would be through pet fencing. You can either erect a physical barrier fence to contain the pet within a given area, or put in place an electronic ‘hidden’ fence. If you live in your own compound, and the main fence around your home is in good condition, it may be adequate to keep the pet contained. You should also provide your pet with proper nutrition, exercise and company, so that he or she doesn’t have the motivation to stray.

All said and done, pet loss prevention remains one of the least talked about, yet most important aspects of pet care.

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