Pet Health Care for Mice


Pet Health Care for Mice

Article by Jess Moss

Most people in the UK have had a pet, or cared for an animal at some time or other in their lives. So by and large we are aware of general rules for pet health care. This is particularly true of dog and cat care. But we are generally less knowledgeable about pet health care when it comes to more obscure pets such as mice.

As with any animal’s pet health care, there are some basic needs which should be addressed when caring for mice. Examples include housing, exercise and nutrition. Here is a short pet health care guide for mice.

Mice are nocturnal creatures which do not always enjoy being handled, although they can be trained to become accustomed to being handled. This means that they are not always ideal pets for children who may wish to play with the animals.

The first pet health care responsibility of any mouse owner before bringing home their pet mice is to provide a safe and appropriate home for them. This should be a wire cage with a plastic base or a glass terrarium with a sturdy wire lid. The cage should contain plenty of paper or shavings for mice to burry themselves in and a wooden nesting box containing shredded paper for sleeping. In order to prevent pet health care problems such as infections the cage must be thoroughly cleaned weekly, or more often for males.

Nutrition is another major part of pet health care. Feed your mice a complete rodent food bought at the pet shop. This will meet all the nutritional needs of the mice. For treats you can feed sunflower seeds, broccoli or carrots in small quantities and only on occasion. As with any other pet, fresh drinking water must always be available.Exercise is vital to pet health care. Mice can become bored and unhealthy without exercise. Provide cardboard tubes and ropes for climbing to keep them active and entertained.

Mice can expect to live around two years. You can carry out small pet health care checks at home. Consult your vet if you notice any changes to routine behaviour or weight loss or gain.

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