Pet Health Care: Foods to Avoid


Pet Health Care: Foods to Avoid

Article by JessM

As Halloween approaches, we are starting to think about treating ourselves to sugary treats. Those of us who have pets in the home, particularly dogs will be aware of just how curious they can be to have a little bit of whatever we’re eating. But before you go sharing your snacks with the dog, consider the pet health care implications.Although we are often susceptible to those begging eyes and tend to give our pets a little bit of whatever we’re eating, there is potential for us to cause them serious harm in so doing. Many of the foods we enjoy regularly are dangerous to dogs and cats.

For Halloween, sweets and chocolate are likely to be present in the home. Bear in mind that chocolate is highly dangerous to dogs, with the potential to kill them in high enough quantities. The same is true of sweets which contain xylitol, which is a type of sweetener. Therefore, if you are hoping to treat your pet this Halloween, be sure to do it with animal treats bought from the pet shop.

Other food which can cause serious pet health care problems include alcohol, coffee, tea, grapes, onions, raisins, salt and walnuts. However, this list is by no means exclusive and there are plenty of other foods which could cause risk to our animals’ health. Remember also that it is not only the food itself which can cause harm, but also the packaging. Sweet wrappers are colourful and make attractive toys for dogs and cats, but they are choking hazards and if swallowed could harm the digestive tract.

Halloween, like Bonfire Night, is a time to really keep pet health care in mind whilst you enjoy yourself. The simplest rule of thumb in relation to feeding animals is to never give a pet food which is intended for a human.

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