Pet Health and Pet Health Care. Are You Relying Too Much On Your Vet? I Was.


Pet Health and Pet Health Care. Are You Relying Too Much On Your Vet? I Was.

Article by Frances Bergen

Pet health and pet health care, we have been led to believe that the vet is the only one that can take care of our pet, are you relying on your vet too much?

 I know I was. I realized I wasn’t educating myself on my pet health issues?  I really relied on the vet for all the decisions, which really wasn’t fair to either my vet or in the best interest of my pet. 

 What with the pet food scare, vaccine controversies and what about all those pet medication side effects? Should we be concerned? In my opinion, absolutely!

 If we’re doing the right things, why are our pets still having problems? Could some of these right things be doing more harm than good? My dog’s health has suffered because of doing these “right things”. 

 With the limited patient time the vet has and now with the economy, that time seems to be even shorter.  Who knows your pet better than you, so imagine becoming more informed, knowing how to spot early problems and signs and share this information with your vet. It is a win-win situation for everyone. How many times have you left the vet office and knew no more than when you came in, except for the frustration and hefty vet bill at the end, seemed like a pattern for me.

To be completely honest, this quest for finding pet health information stemmed from doing the research for family members having health issues. This led us to make a better objective decision when we discussed the options with our family doctor. If this worked for our family, so why not try this for my dog.

Unlike the information for my family members which I use different resources for; here is one resource that deals with all my pet health issues, in one place. It makes sense. I needed a reliable resource that I could reference quickly. Initially I signed up for the free e-book, Healing Your Pets At Home which really gave me the foundation to build from for good pet health. It gave me confidence to do weekly pet exams myself to spot early problem signs, when and how to heal pet at home with valuable alternative options.

I believe that every pet owner and their pet will really benefit from learning from this resource; Pet Health and Pet Health Care.  But, please, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself, your pet will benefit immensely and will help you not to rely solely on your vet when making informative decisions, on Pet Health and Pet Health Care.  

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Visit Dog Health and Dog Health Care! For proven effective tips to help you and your dog so you are not relying too much on your vet. Making just One Change could prolong the life of your dog.

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