Pet Games Online: Net Pet Caring Game


Pet Games Online: Net Pet Caring Game

Article by Damian Cross

Free pet games to play online are the new fad in free entertainment. More and more websites have decided to take a chance and sponsor the development of a free pet game to feature in their arcade websites online. These games offer a simple plot and easy to follow instructions, their aim is not to confuse, but to entertain. In a race for popularity, appeal relies mostly on the detail and imagination of the background scenery and how cute the little creatures are. Some pet game titles seem to have found their way to hearts of players more than others. Such is the case of the called “Net Pet Caring Game”.

The first thing that strikes you about this game are the soft, toned down images that make up the artwork. The use of pastel colors makes it all look very relaxed. The welcome screen offers you a choice of cat or dog to adopt as your pet. The game goes into the next screen, where you need to input the name of your pet in order to continue. Then you meet the instruction screen which is limited to three simple instructions. First, you must use your mouse to select an item in the menu to make use of it, and click on it again in order to hide it. The second tip lets the player know that they need to use appealing items to attract their pet from one room to another. Lastly, you are advised not to ignore your pet, or leave him unattended since he might become noisy and develop a behavior problem.

Once hit continue you are off on your own taking care of your pet. The game starts in the kitchen area, and as the instructions read, you are to start using the items in the menu to encourage the pet to behave. The player may select different things from the drop down menu, including food, training actions, and toys. A lady, who seems to be the owner of the house, will make an occasional appearance in the corner of the screen to let you know how you’re doing, plus provide a few tips on what activities you should select from the menu. For a successful game, your pet should be properly fed and paid attention to. Once you get the hang of it, it will be like taking care of your own pet at home.

Overall, this is a very entertaining game for people who love animals. The fact that it is free, and you can play online at your whim adds even more appeal. Among the huge selection of free pet games online, this title makes one of the best attempts at recreating the scene of taking care of a real pet at home, making an emphasis on the amount of responsibility required to keep a pet under your care, even if it is a virtual one. It provides safe and sound entertainment, which children can enjoy with friends and family for hours on end.

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