Pet Games Online as an Educational Tool For Children


Pet Games Online as an Educational Tool For Children

Article by Damian Cross

A new genre of arcade game has taken the internet by storm; they are pet games you can play free online. These games put together a group of domestic animals, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and many others into an entertaining array of fun activities for children. These games have been developed using flash from Adobe, which allow for a fast loading and browser based multimedia application that can be executed in practically any computer with an Internet connection. Another important aspect of pet games online is the fact that they are free. Visitors are not required to register or spend a single cent to engage in a free pet game online.

Among the different types of pet games, there are different themes that define the plot. Among such themes you will find veterinarian clinics, pet care centers and even animal fashion salons and dress up parlors. Detailed background images and animated objects add life to the experience. The characters, which are fuzzy little creatures aimed at gathering the interest of the young players seem to be successful at catching their attention. And this is where these games pose the most help for parents and teachers. It is often the case that adults will be looking for ways to teach their young ones a thing or two, but in order to do that they must be able to catch their attention first. Using free pet games online as a tool for children will provide parents and teachers with a way to direct the child’s attention towards the animals displayed in the game. Once they are focused, adults could use these games to explain about the different animals that appear in them.

Some games feature several animals, such as “Feed My Pet”, a free pet game that features a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a guinea pig. Not only does the game make it necessary for the player to tell between each one, but he must also be able to know what kind of food, of the four choices offered to feed each one. Thus, this kind of game helped get the child acquainted with different species of animals, and what they eat as well. Not knowing the feeding habits of a cat, for example, will encourage the player to quickly find out by asking his parents or teacher. His main motivation is simple, he doesn’t want to lose the game. Other games like “I Lost MY Puppy”, give the child the opportunity to work on his short term memory. In this game he is given a quick glance of an image of a puppy dog, and he is then required to identify the same image among a group of similar characters.

Free pet games online are a fun way to learn, teaching the children about animals while having fun at it. This activity also provides the perfect occasion for parents and family members to come together and share a fun experience together, in a safe and fulfilling manner.

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