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Pet Games For Gamers Of All Ages. The new millennium has shown wonderful transformations in the behavior of online surfers, including arcade game seekers. Not only have we seen a drift in the type of games people seek, but also in the kind of people that call themselves avid gamers. For several decades now, since the eighties, a time when the Atari and the Odyssey gaming console introduced video games to the general public, game playing was an activity exclusive reserved for the young and restless. Today, forty years later, you would not be surprised to find a thirty year old playing a pet game online at the office during his break.

Pet GamesIt used to be that in order to play a good game, one had to run to the store and get the console version at the retail price. Nowadays, thousands, if not millions of arcade websites featured arcade games, such as free pet games, online for free. This is due primarily to the development of a software program called flash. This software, originally from Macromedia, and later acquired by Adobe, allows programmers to design and develop arcade game titles with a certain degree of sophistication in an easy to load and browser based platform. Gamers everywhere need not buy especial equipment such as video game cards or fast micro processors to access a pet game online and enjoy hours of fun.

During the decade of the nineties, games where limited to the traditional game genres such as shooting, puzzles, and racing games. The fact that during the decade of the nineties an arcade game was a major project involving thousands of dollars, limited the audacity of entrepreneurs to go ahead and try their luck with new genres, such as pet games. The perfection and ease of use of the Flash platform has made it much easier for programmers to learn the code and start developing games. In fact, a novice programmer could be on his way developing a pet game in as little as two weeks.

Demand is another reason why arcade owners decided to explore new horizons. The traditional titles that involve shooting and racing completely ignore other segments such as girls and young adults. An increasing number of players are starting to discover the thrill and excitement of pet games online. Set in a virtual world, usually a pet shop, a pet clinic or a park, pet games provide a relaxing experience for those looking to have some fun online minus the shots and race cars that traditionally accompany the experience. Pet games are free and can be enjoyed by the entire family. It is a genre of arcade game that appeals mostly to pet owners and people of all ages who like pets. Whether it is a dog or a cat, or any other creature, it is obvious that many of us out there seek out anything related to them and have fun with it. This was unheard of a decade ago.

Pet Games

Since free pet games are void of violence, parents have fun with it too. They are more comfortable leaving their children in a virtual pet care center and loading a gun in some battlefield. Ride the wave of the new millennium playing free pet games online.

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