Pet Care Tips


Pet Care Tips

Article by Aaron Wilmont

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, a nonprofit trade group in Connecticut, Americans spent thirty-four billion dollars on pet care last year each year. We all know that basic grooming is a necessity, but what about going that extra mile? There are so many pet-care services available to our pets such as multi-purpose doggy daycares with grooming facilities, massage tables and obedience classes. There are also long and short term boarding facilities with acres of land and condos with posh living rooms equipped with couches and satellite television. Though dog day cares range as far as their services are concerned, loosely put, a dog day care is a stimulating, crate-free environment where you can leave your pet in the supervision of positive, motivational trainers. Dog day cares can provide one, some or all of the following: exercise and socialization, nutritious meals and treats, behavior modification, birthday parties, spa treatments, sleepovers, pet supplies, obedience classes and veterinary services, just to name a few. If you don’t want your dog to sit home all day twiddling his paws, enrolling him or her in a dog day care is an option. A dog day care is a great place to take your pet while the pest control or cleaning person pays a visit or if you’ve just had a newborn and need a little break. Just like nursery school for children, dog day care is a wonderful way for your pup or adult to learn how to play and socialize with other dogs from all barks of lifeSome dog day cares provide additional spa services such as pawdicures, fear and anxiety aromatherapy, essential oil joint rubs, aromatherapy ear cleanings and coat conditioners, queen sized beds for resting, and body massages. Our own Dr. Jane was a frequent guest on “Petsburgh, USA” on The Animal Planet. One segment was all about a day in the spa. The dog particularly liked the cucumber facial mask while the cat preferred the mint coat powder! To keep the environment safe and healthy, many cage-free facilities screen pets first and reserve the right to not admit animals based on temperament and level of sociability. In other words, if your dog is a grouchy old bully, some pet day care facilities will have no problems telling you to find another day home for him. As a matter of fact, many day cares have a list of rules to ensure the good health and safety of all the pets, such as up-to-date shots, spaying or neutering, and vet-administered flea control and heartworm program.

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