Pet care: Simple pointers for a new pet owner


Pet care: Simple pointers for a new pet owner

Article by Dazza Walker

Before this article even gets started it has to be stressed that a pet is a member of your family, not a fixture or a piece of furniture. Too many people see pets as disposable pieces of meat any this has to stop as many unstable animals probably started life in an unstable home.

Preparing yourself, your home, and your pet for those first few months in a new environment will make the change go gracefully and help everyone adjust easily.

1. First on your new pet checklist is to make sure your pet is fully vaccinated against the outside world. Your pet could be sitting, lying or sniffing around in places in your garden that you didn’t know existed so get a good vet and make regular checks to make sure your pet is healthy. A veterinarian will perform a thorough exam on your pet looking at such things as their vital signs, ears, eyes, mouth, the heart and lungs, as well as the reproductive organs and their skin. This step is a very important preventative measure for your pet each year.

2. Having your home ready for the new arrival will make life alot easier in the long run. A small caged pet will not take as much planning but will still need to adapt to sounds and smells within your home. Alarger animal such as a dog or cat will need time to find its territory and will also need to have a place to call its own such as a blanket or pet bed etc.

3. Regular physical routine is essential for any pet as well as the owner. Kill two birds with one stone and walk you dog regularly and everyone will benefit. In the case of small pets such as gerbils, cats and hamsters play with them alot and don’t let them get over weight and lazy. It will give your pet the healthiest lifestyle possible. If you use toys to play with your smaller pets then they will amuse themselves when you are not there and keep them stimulated.

If you follow some simple guidelines, your new pet is sure to adapt to his new family in no time at all and you will have a happy addition to the family.

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