Pet Care Services for the Pampered Pooch


Pet Care Services for the Pampered Pooch

Article by Todd Sarks

Taking your dog to the groomer for a shampoo and nail trim used to be a luxury, but by today’s standards is the bare minimum in pet care. The pet care industry is a big business and the variety of services have multiplied rapidly over the last several years. Today’s pampered pooches expect more than a ribbon in their hair from the groomer or a biscuit from the bank teller at the drive through. While some of these services might sound ridiculous to you, they are rapidly growing in popularity. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

1. Pedicures or “pawdicures” for dogs are quite common and have become standard items in the grooming regimen. Some dog owners simply want their dog’s nails clipped while others want their cuticles massaged and their nails painted.

2. Dog massages are also quite popular for the pampered pooch. Advocates for dog massage state that massage relieves joint pain, alleviates stress, increases flexibility increases circulation and lymphatic function as well as releasing endorphins to promote an overall feeling of well-being in dogs. There are even schools in place to train people in the art of holistic dog massage.

3. Psychics have also joined the ranks of pet care professionals. Pet psychics will come to your house to evaluate your dog and explain his innermost thoughts and desires to you for upwards of a couple hundred dollars per visit. Most pet psychics have no formal training, but are able to help asses a problem or situation because they have a good idea of how dogs think.

4. In home pet sitting is extremely popular among people who just can’t bear to take their pampered pooch to the kennel when they travel. These concerned owners hire people to come to their house three times a day to care for their pets in their natural environment, your home. Owners will often pay extra to have the pet sitter stay in their home while they are away so their precious pals will never have to be alone. Boarding in a strange kennel surrounded by the barking of other dogs can be stressful to dogs. In home care allows pets to stay in their natural environment and alleviates this stress. Always make sure that the service you choose is insured and bonded and that you ask for and check their references.

5. Acupuncture is a holistic therapy involving the insertion and manipulation of fine needles into specific points in the body to relieve pain and increase the flow of energy in the body. This ancient Chinese therapy is gaining popularity among people and pets. Acupuncturists claim that the procedure is particularly effective in treating neurological and gastrointestinal conditions in dogs. Some advocates for acupuncture use it as a primary means of treatment while others use it in conjunction with other more traditional therapies.

6. At home waste pick up is the ultimate service for the parents of pampered pooches. These companies will come to your house and clean up after your dog for you. They come to your house, scoop the poop and remove the waste without you or your dog having to lift a paw. You can schedule once weekly, twice weekly or a one time only cleaning.

7. Rent a dog services. For those who do not have the time or space to commit to pet ownership, they can use a rental service to obtain their own pampered pooch for a day, week or month. Advocates for this service claim that it prevents people from adopting dogs, realizing they do not have the time to make a proper commitment and then returning the dog. The service can be quite expensive, but some customers say it is worth it. People rent dogs when they are away from home for extended travel, to strike up conversations with the opposite sex and because they love dogs, but simply do not have the time to care for them on a full time basis.

Whatever your level of commitment to your dog chances are you have bought him a thing or two you never thought you would. I know I have been guilty of browsing at the dog bakery counter and ordering mouse pads with my dog’s picture on them!

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