Pet Care Insurance – Would Bugs Carry Rabbit Health Insurance?


Would Bugs carry rabbit pet care insurance? When we think about pet care insurance, most of the time we think about a holistic policy for all of our animals, including our fuzzy little rabbits. Rabbits are small, simple creatures that melt the hearts of young men and women alike, and whose lifespans are relatively small when compared to our own. They don’t cost a lot themselves, and even the accessories required to keep a bunny in a household are much cheaper than those of larger animals like dogs and cats. But when it comes to medicine and veterinary service, rabbits rack up charges just as quickly as bigger animals, which many times rival our own costs for medical service. Insurance alleviates the cost of medical bills, and for pets it lessens the cost of veterinary services and medications.

Pet Care InsuranceAlthough these pet care insurance policies have existed for over twenty years, few people understand what they actually cover. For example, if your bunny becomes impacted with feces, which is a common occurrence for these animals, the rabbit pet care insurance policy will cover the disempacting, the accompanying pain medications, boarding, and any labor or services conducted by the veterinary doctor or their staff. Most ailments and diseases are covered by these policies and remove the costly worry associated with a sickly animal. However, diagnostics, preliminary blood tests, and preventative vaccines and other shots are typically not covered by the pet care insurance policy’s standard of requirement. That is, the services that are performed for general health and not in response to a developing condition or emergency situation are not covered by the care insurance. So, if you want to take your rabbit in for blood tests and ensure they aren’t carrying any harmful bacteria or viruses, the cost will most likely come out of your pocket.

Month to month you will be looking at spending around x for your bunny depending on what kind, how large, and how many you have. It is not common for rabbits to be prone to illness and disease, but the uninsured fees for conditions like kidney failure or urinary tract infection can run well up over the lifetime average of the rabbit. As with any rabbit pet care insurance policy or pet store warranty, a tough decision must be made about how you are going to provide continued medical care to your animal.

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