Pet Care Basics – Common Parasites and Diseases that Afflict Pet Dogs


Pet Care Basics – Common Parasites and Diseases that Afflict Pet Dogs

Article by Brent McNutt

Pet dogs are susceptible to parasites and certain diseases that can be easily treated with pet-safe products available in pet stores or from veterinary doctors in urbane scrubs. Before treating your pets, remember to carefully follow the directions indicated in the label and to consult your vet. Pet dog owners should be aware of the common parasites and illnesses that afflict dogs so that they can anticipate what to do in case it happens to their pet.


You dog will get fleas at one point or another and it can recur from time to time. The most common symptom is itching but not all itching is caused by fleas. If you think insect bites is the reason why your dog is itching uncontrollably, see your veterinarian before you begin treatment as the itching may be caused by a number of things aside from fleas. The most common dog allergy is flea allergy. A lot of dogs are allergic to the saliva of fleas and a flea bite can cause intense itching, small red bumps, and redness of the skin. There are dogs that are more allergic to fleas than others and those highly allergic may have a severe reaction to just a few bites. Other common dog allergens aside from insects include pollen, certain plants, and certain foods. The treatment will depend on what caused the allergic reaction in the first place. To combat and help prevent allergies, you can also bathe your pet in Epsom salts or an oatmeal bath, vacuum and clean your home often, place activated charcoal around houseplants, and get a humidifier to decrease mold.

Ear mites

So called because they dwell on the skin lining the dog

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