People Who Would Make Good Pet Carers


People Who Would Make Good Pet Carers

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The reference to dogs as ‘man’s best friend’ and the idea that pets are our faithful companions rings true for a lot of people – as humans, we can feel deep affinity with our domesticated furry friends. With an estimated 40 to 70 million pets in the world, it’s somewhat puzzling that more people don’t choose to make caring for animals a career. If you fit into one or more of the categories below, there’s a good chance that caring for pets could represent a welcome career change – there’s a lot to be said for the inability of an animal to ‘talk back’ and their uncomplicated characters. Do any of these traits describe you? If so, you could take to a career in animal care like a duck takes to water! Those who love grooming. If you’re a nitpicking groomer dying to get your hands on that girl in the office with the out of control eyebrows or your local bartender with the dirty hair, why not transfer your love of grooming onto pets and animals? Pet grooming is a fine art that will require all your grooming and finicky skills. And even better, keeping dogs and cats properly groomed is not only important for our comfort, but theirs as well. Helping to make pets comfortable and attractive is a fun career – it’s hairdressing without the long client-customer conversations! If you can see yourself being an old cat lady… Are you acquiring more and more cats or dogs? Do you find yourself asking ‘How much is that doggy (or cat) in the window’ every time you walk past a pet store? If so, you could well be on your way to being an old cat lady or the old man with the pack of dogs. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, why not turn your love for the canine and feline species into a career? By taking animal care courses, you’ll learn essential skills in day-to-day care, health and first aid and gain an understanding of domestic animal behaviours, characteristics and obedience. Even better, you’ll avoid the ‘old cat lady’ label! Bossy boots. Can’t get away with bossing people around, but also can’t resist the urge to tell people what to do? It might sound a little exploitative, but why not transfer your bossing and controlling skills to the canine world? Pet obedience courses are widely used by dog owners, and teach dogs obedience and self-discipline. Pet obedience courses will teach you the essential methods of disciplining dogs. They might bark back, but you’ll still be in control!Not a people person? If you’re not what one might call a ‘people person’, working with animals can be a smart alternative. If conversation’s not your strong suit, animals are the ultimate ‘silent’ companion, and getting out of the office and into an animal care career will give you the opportunity to spend more time in their – as opposed to human – company. If you’re interested in taking up a career in caring for animals, there is a range of animal care courses available. Even better, you won’t have to give up your human day job while you study. Animal care courses can be taken by distance education, which means you can study on your own time and in the comfort of your own home. If you can imagine yourself as the next Dr. Doolittle or as a gifted horse, cat or dog whisperer, then make the switch to an animal carer today!

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