Painted Turtles As Pets – Streaked Pets For Your Home


Painted Turtles As Pets – Streaked Pets For Your Home

Article by Thomas Roberson

Thinking of getting a pet turtle? You can opt for painted turtles as pets. When you have one at home, these slow-moving creatures will teach you simple tasks of caring for and feeding them. They also provide company in which kids can convey their affection for. Instead of other pets, turtles as pets definitely are a great choice as they do not need utmost attention. It is like having a pet but not needing much attention and specialized care as like other exotic pets

They are called reptiles of beauty. Painted turtles include four sub species ñ the Southern, the Eastern, the Western, and the Midland. Southern painted turtles carry a stripe down their backs. Equally, Western kind of painted turtles as pets are known as Colorado’s state reptile. They can create mixes and interbreed if desired.

Western painted turtles sub types have red and yellow stripes, thus gaining name. You will see these turtles among shallow waters, marshes and ponds in the U.S. They grow up to ten inches in length. Painted turtles as pets generally are omnivorous creatures, thus they can eat meat and plant. Even so, they eat more meat at younger age. Older turtles eat more varied food like fish eggs, slugs, snails, lily pads, small crayfishes, algae and whatever that fits their mouths and is available in ponds.

Painted turtles are cold blooded so they have to normalize their body temperature via sunning their bodies. These reptile species are found in various regions of United States but regardless of where they are, it is a usual practice for them to bask under the sun as well as hole up when the cold temperature is experienced. Painted turtles as pets like to sun on top of old logs.

As pets, young turtles are usually kept among 20 gallon terrariums or aquariums. On the contrary, mature turtles necessitate more roomy spot, at least an 80 gallon tank is better. Aquariums can be filled with water with a depth that depends on the turtle’s size. The purpose is to provide sufficient area for your pet to swim.

Painted turtles as pets, especially young ones, love to eat bugs and crickets which you can get from the different pet stores all over the globe. On the other hand, mature turtles love to eat vegetables as well as bugs. Even if turtles are not that cuddly as any other pet, you will come to enjoy taking care of them.

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