Online Pet Medications: An Affordable Means Of Pet Care


Online Pet Medications: An Affordable Means Of Pet Care

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, American pet owners spent nearly .45 billion on vet care, over-the-counter pet medicines and pet supplies in 2009. Pet medications are becoming expensive day by day. However, you can save lot of money and time by purchasing online pet medications.

While it is important to consult a veterinarian to diagnose your pet’s problems and to give you a prescription, you no longer need to travel great distances or pay high prices for pet medications. Online pet pharmacies come to the rescue in such cases, helping you get all the medication right at your doorstep, without needing to leave your house, except to visit the veterinarian.

Tips on Buying Online Pet Medications

Websites providing online pet medications usually offer both over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Also, they offer medical supplies for pets suffering from chronic illness or having special needs. In addition, they offer a wide range of pet products and animal foods. Online pet pharmacies are associated with a large number of expert vets, who offer assistance to pet owners.

Here are few tips for buying online pet medications:

1. Get a written prescription from your pet’s veterinarian for the medication. This is required to buy prescription medicines and other prescription-only items via the internet.

2. It is preferable to store some supplies to avoid extra charges of expedite shipping.

3. Compare the rates offered by various online pet medication pharmacies. Some popular websites may offer discounts. Further, lesser known websites usually have more competitive rates.

4. Remember to check the charges for shipping. The website may offer cheaper medication but have high shipping costs.

5. Once you have chosen a website you may undertake the usual online ordering process. You can add the desired medicine to your shopping cart.

6. Make an online payment by using credit card or PayPal.

7. You will receive a fax number and a customer order number. Fax the prescription to the pharmacy along with the order number.

8. Once the medication arrives, compare it with the original prescription. Also, check the dosage information. Consult a vet, in case of any confusion.

9. Keep your order number handy to place future orders.

Ordering online pet medications is one of the best ways to cut the extra charges of medicines without compromising your pet’s health. To get health and nutrition tips for your pet, visit You can find a wide range of pet care products on this website as well.

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