New Special Animals are Kept as Pets in Kunming


New Special Animals are Kept as Pets in Kunming

Article by Kayla Liu

In Kunming flower and birds markets, the foreign students who come to learn Chinese in Yunnan can see that there are many kinds of animals are being sold. Mostly, people keep cats, dogs, birds and fishes as pets. However, recently, people draw their attention to keep some strange animals such as snakes, lizards and frogs as their pets.

In Kunming, the snake is the most popular strange pets kept by people. About the reason why they keep snake as the pets, Ms. Dai lists a surprising reason for those who study Chinese in Kunming. She has a twin boys are all educated in middle school but they are not so outgoing. Therefore, she hopes to encourage them to be bold by keeping the snake as pets.

According to Ms. Dai, her twin boys are getting better in the character. In most time, they take the responsibility to take care of the snake, helping it take bath and play with it. When you learn Mandarin in Kunming, you should know that snake is the most popular one in the flower and birds markets because most people show great interest in keeping it.

We can see gekko japonicas very often in our daily life but few people would like to keep it as pet. However, in recent days, the foreign learners who study Mandarin in Kunming can see there are many of them are purchased from abroad. They have a larger body and brighter color so that they are loved by many girls. Another important reason is that they are all docile.

Besides, keeping frog also becomes a kind of fashion. The price varies from 100 Yuan to 1,000 Yuan. During the process when you learn Chinese in Yunnan, you may never hear people keep spider as pet. But it happens in Kunming recently. The cheap one may be 150 Yuan but the spiders that can hunt the insects may be as expensive as more than one thousand Yuan.

However, since they are all still animals, they should be clean and keep healthy. The regular cleaning is beneficial to decrease the animal parasiteras. If the students who study Chinese in Kunming want to keep such animals as pets, they should first know whether they are the animals under national animals because they are not allowed to be kept by individual.

Therefore, more and more strange and special become the pets loved by many people. You can keep any kinds of animals as pets as you like. But you should make sure whether they are the animals under national protection.

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