Most Popular Master Franchise Opportunities


Most Popular Master Franchise Opportunities

Article by Brian Ernst

A lot of motivated individuals are attracted to the wide range of franchise opportunities available today. The same applies to those who are already in the franchise business – they want bigger and more lucrative opportunities. As a solution, entrepreneurs who are seeking for more can consider tapping into master franchise opportunities. Unlike in a regular franchise venture, where the setup entails a small business owner to have an agreement with a larger company (the franchisor) to use its brand and sell its services or products, a master franchise allows entrepreneurs to sub-franchise in a specific territory, which often results to impressive prospects. To further guide you on this topic, below is a compiled list of the 10 most popular.

Franchises offering master franchising

Generally, a master franchise manages two separate businesses – one stands as a single franchise and the other as company expansion. As such, an extensive set of skills is required, which is also the reason why the kinds of entrepreneurs who succeed in operating franchises differ significantly. The franchise opportunities vary widely as well, covering markets that range from car repair to pet care.

As a guide for entrepreneurs who want to pursue opportunities in master franchises, listed below are the top 10 from various industries:

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