Mobile Pet Care Virginia Provides Peace of Mind for Both Pets and Owners


Mobile Pet Care Virginia Provides Peace of Mind for Both Pets and Owners

Article by Woody Wilson

All pet owners know the struggles and hassle that accompany taking their pet to the vet for shots, checkups and illness. Some are uncooperative and it seems impossible to get them in the car, while other pets may get car sick. This is why mobile pet care, Virginia offers a mobile vet that comes right to your door. The pet stays in the comfort of its own home while the vet does his work. In addition, the owner remains by the pet’s side during the examination and treatment. Pets and owners have a special bond and the state of Virginia caters to pet lovers and host several pet-friendly events including “Yappy Hours” every Sunday at Keswick Vineyards.

Mobile vets have the same training and qualification of other pet doctors with the only exception being that they bring their office to you. Mobile pet care, Virginia arrives at your door with a fully equipped office on wheels. While the mobile vet center cannot perform advanced surgeries, they are capable of many other vet duties. They can take x-rays, do blood work and perform diagnostic tests. Shots, checkups and illness visits are part of the mobile office as well. The mobile vet gives the pet owner peace of mind knowing help is a phone call away.

Most mobile pet care, Virginia offers emergency pet service as well. No need to move the injured or sick pet and cause it more discomfort or pain. Call the mobile vet and get help as soon as possible without leaving your home. You can call the mobile vet 24 hours a day for help. However, if the emergency occurs after business hours there is an extra fee, but it is a small price to pay for the safety and health of your pet and your peace of mind.

The mobile pet care, Virginia offer many other services as well. The services include spaying and neutering, vaccinations, dental care, minor animal surgery, ear exams, behavioral assessments, wellness checkups and end of life services, such as animal euthanasia. This is only a partial list of services offered by mobile vets. If you have a sick or injured pet, know that a mobile vet can come to your door, even in an emergency situation, and provide your pet top quality care in the comfort of its own home. This service puts both the pet and the owner at ease.

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The convenience of Mobile Pet Care Virginia puts both the pet and the owner at ease.

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