Keeping an Eye on Free Pet Games Online


Keeping an Eye on Free Pet Games Online

Article by Damian Cross

As with most things available online, parents raise an eye brow when they see their children grow an interest with a new Internet fad. Such is the case with online pet games. Flash pet games have become increasingly popular, especially among children. Most of us would not think twice about online entertainment involving cute little animals to be a threat for our young ones, however, one can never be too careful. Some activists groups argue that online games pose a danger of becoming addictive and take away from the child’s quality learning time, or even affect his mind in a negative way.

Let’s start by taking a look at the basics of a free pet game. These are rudimentary sequences made in the flash platform by Adobe. The action sequences are adorned with fancy background images and action figures which are controlled by the player. As far as images, they are typically set in the street, in a veterinarian clinic, a pet care center or something of the sort. The performing characters are usually puppies, kittens, bunnies, or some other young animal. The plot surrounding a pet game will often consist of dressing up dogs and cats, taking care of sick animals in a clinic, or walking your pet in the park amidst a number of obstacles. One of my personal favorites is “Puppy Fetch”, where the player is required to throw a stick as far as he can so that his pet dog, also handled by the gamer, runs after it and brings it back.

Children of all ages run the danger of growing attached to this game and leave some of their chores behind. It may be also true that there is not much benefit in terms of educational content. But in the other hand, it is also important to mention some of the other things pet games online do not have. As opposed to ninety percent of the Internet content, they have no pornographic images, blood dripping violence or foul language. Taking away websites such as pet game pages from your children, only means you will be directing them to other kind of material in the Internet. Since we can all agree the Internet is not going to go away, what will your child end up finding in cyberspace anyway?

Some children are born with motor function deficiencies, which they need to work on in special classes to improve on their hand eye coordination. Some psychologists have suggested that playing flash games such as free pet games online provide children precisely with the exercise they need to influence their brain in a positive way. It is only an added bonus the fact that they enjoy playing these games so much. Another positive aspect of these games online is aimed at families that are incapable or unwilling to have a pet a home. A children’s yearning to have a pet can only be released through playing animal games, which would be the closest thing to have besides your own pet. Extremes are never good, and the time spent playing online games should carefully monitored. However, we believe pet games to pass the test of approval as far as online entertainment.

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