Keeping A Pet Rabbit – How to for Begginners


Keeping A Pet Rabbit. Rabbits are extremely cute cuddly and often shy. You may think that people do not keep rabbits as pets, but they do. A pet rabbit makes one adorable pet. Keeping one is a responsibility and you should know what to expect before getting a rabbit. You will also need rabbit cages. Rabbit cages are ideal to keep your pet in, just make sure you buy the right size. Unlike other pets, rabbits are almost totally harmless but the only thing you need to watch out for are their claws, other than that rabbits are quite harmless.

When raising rabbits you have to take good care of them. Always hold on to the bottom of their feet or tuck them in when picking them up so that they do not scratch you. When they are young flip them over on their backs so that they become accustomed to it as they grow older, this will help you when you are cutting their nails in the future.

Keeping A Pet RabbitCheck with your pet shop or vet what kind of food they eat. It is important to put your rabbit on the right diet from the beginning. Your pet rabbit will need to be fed every day and their diet remains constant. The food they eat has to be low protein and solid pellet foods work best. Rabbits do not change in their food so make sure that you keep feeding them the same thing. Also, make sure that you lay out a fresh bowl of water every day. Keep watch in case they knock it over, you will need to refill it. You can give your rabbit the occasional treat but not too much because you should not overfeed them. A treat every one or two days is sufficient otherwise your rabbit will become obese.

Make sure that rabbit cage is big enough for your rabbit to move around and play, the bigger the cage the better. Make sure you de-flea your rabbit regularly and for mites and fleas you can give them cat medicine which is easily available. Rabbits are susceptible to colds and flues, so keep an eye on them and if anything happens consult your vet. Let your rabbit play around in your yard, it might dig up some dirt because rabbit’s paws are made for digging. What you can do is, keep their claws short so they will not be able to dig much.

Rabbits love to play so make sure you give your rabbit some toys to play with. Cat toys are well suited to rabbits and what they enjoy most are bells and chew toys. Make sure your rabbit is comfortable with your choice when you are selecting rabbit cages.

Grooming Your Pet Rabbit

Like cats, rabbits pride themselves on cleanliness, that’s the reason it is so easy to teach them to use the litter box. They spend several hours a day grooming themselves and maintaining the quality of their skin and coat. Simply because your pet rabbit spends a large amount of its day grooming itself does not mean that you are exempt from pet grooming duties. Rabbits, like all pets, rely on their homeowners to set a grooming plan and then stick to it.

One of the main duties to do is to brush your rabbit no less than once a day. The time you spend brushing your pet bunny will go a long way toward establishing a lifelong bond. The health advantages of brushing your pet rabbit include the removal of loose hairs that your rabbit may swallow while grooming itself. As soon as swallowed these hairs may form a hairball that may compromise your rabbit’s digestive system. If a hairball creates a blockage, your pet rabbit should go to the veterinarian where the ensuing surgical procedure could be expensive. When you are brushing your rabbit bear in mind that the common rabbit sheds its coat roughly every three months, during this period of time increase the frequency of your brushing. You may need to vacuum your home more often too. You may be amazed at how much hair comes off that tiny body. Rabbits have very delicate pores and skin so search for a brush that has mushy bristles and won’t tear your pet bunnies skin. Some rabbit owners prefer a plastic large toothed comb for their grooming.

When properly groomed and cared for long-haired rabbits, like Angora’s, are gorgeous. The problem is keeping all that hair combed, clear, and free of mats is sort of a chore. If a rabbit owner isn’t exhibiting their long-haired rabbit, they sometimes trim the hair so that it is only one inch long. This helps keep the rabbit’s coat clean and free of mats but also keeps the rabbit more comfortable through the sizzling summer season months in some countries. If you have not trimmed a rabbit’s lengthy hair before, you ought to take it to a professional pet groomer and see how they do it before you try it yourself. When using the clippers or scissors, be very careful that you don’t injure the rabbit’s skin.

If you find an area where the rabbit’s hair has turned into a tangle that has then turned into a mat, refrain from using a pair of scissors to deal with it. It is better to use a comb and patiently work the mat loose, a couple of hairs at a time. If you find that it is trying your patience, you might want to take your rabbit to a professional pet groomer and have them remove the mats with electric clippers.

Every few weeks, check that your rabbit’s nail. They grow constantly and you will need to trim them from time to time. have not gotten too long. If you notice that they’re starting to catch in your carpeting it is time to trim them. When you need to give them a trim, take your rabbit to a pet groomer or veterinarian and watch how it is done first. If you are comfortable doing it yourself, just be careful that you don’t trim the nails so short that they bleed and your rabbit is too uncomfortable to move around. This may also cause an infection that may be expensive to treat.

Getting Your First Rabbit

Getting a pet rabbit does not start and end with buying the best rabbit hutch, toys, and food from a pet supplies store. Before even contemplating on acquiring one from a pet shop or asking a friend to give you a newborn bunny, try to get as much information as you can to be able to provide a safe and healthy home for your pet. It is not only on the best interest of the bunny but also for your sake as well. Having an animal live in your home can mean possible diseases if they are not properly taken care of. Predators can also lurk around the vicinity and may take the life of your new pet in a flash if they do not have a secured environment.

The first few weeks will not be that easy. The rabbit will naturally be skittish and afraid. It would be best to present a friendly atmosphere for your new pet. To avoid hostile or messy interactions, it is essential to get him or her neutered before bringing the pet home. Ask the previous owner about your pet’s behavior, food brand, and breed. Reading different kinds of information on how rabbits behave will help in trying to figure out his or her body language. If you do not feel inclined to care for another life, then getting a pet is probably not be for you as it takes a lot of patience and time.

The rabbit hutch plays a major role in ensuring that a rabbit will be able to adapt easily to its new surroundings. Remember that these animals are intelligent creatures. They can be trained to follow simple daily routine such as using the litter box. It is, therefore, the owner’s responsibility to provide the pet with the most ideal home complete with accessories and toys. With many styles and designs available in the market today, grabbing just about anything is not good. It does not matter if it is from a top-of-the-line manufacturer.

There are certain factors that you need to understand before buying one:

  • First, make sure that the rabbit hutch can easily adapt to the weather. If you live in a place that can easily get too hot, look for a hutch design that will not block the wind from entering it. When the weather becomes colder, your hutch should also be able to provide the right warmth that the rabbit needs.
  • Second, rabbits love to chew anything they can get their hands on. Make certain that you only put accessories and toys that are made out of non-toxic materials.
  • Third, rabbits attract predators and make sure that it does not have any flimsy locks. Also, ensure that you choose a rabbit hutch with a solid base so that they will not be able to dig out of it.

Providing your rabbit with a healthy and safe rabbit hutch is a great start to win him over but to develop a good relationship with the pet will require your time and effort. Some pets do not want you to pet them as soon as you get them home. Even if you are eager to caress your new bunny, give it time so it can get used to your presence and your voice. One way to do that is to hang out with him in a confined place and let him go around you without you touching him. Sometimes, a hands-off approach is the best way to earn trust. If the rabbit rubs his or her chin on you, it is a sign of approval and acceptance.

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